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Microplastic: The McDonald’s of the Sea for Young Fish

At least one species of young fish can actually become hooked on eating microplastics in the sea, researchers say, likening it to teenagers…
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New York City Passes Disposable Bag Fee

The New York City Council passed a five-cent fee on disposable shopping bags last week. Will more cities follow suit?
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ALEC Takes Aim At Plastic Bag Bans

The Wisconsin state senate just passed a bill that prohibits local communities from banning plastic bags and other types of containers. The funny…

Time To Reduce Our ‘Plastic Footprint’

Our world is full of single-use plastic, meant to be used once and thrown away. And though some of it — depending on…
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California Plastic Bag Ban Could Be Delayed Until Fall 2016

A leading plastics trade group has announced it has collected enough signatures to put the California plastic bag ban to a vote in…
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A Brief History of the Plastic Bag

California made headlines this fall when it became the first U.S. state to place a ban on single-use plastic shopping bags. But how…

Distill Those Used Plastic Shopping Bags for Fuel

University of Illinois researchers have developed an energy-efficient way to convert used plastic shopping bags to fuel. The conversion process produces significantly more…
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Cascadian Farms Rolls Out “Green” Cereal Box Liner

Cascadian Farm has introduced a new cereal box liner made from “green” materials, but the environmental benefits of this innovation are unclear.
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Los Angeles Bans Plastic Shopping Bags

The Los Angeles City Council voted on Tuesday, June 18 to approve a ban on single-use plastic shopping bags.
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Target Stores Honor Earth Day By Giving Away Reusable Bags

Target gave away 1.5 million reusable bags at its stores across the U.S. in honor of Earth Day.

Los Angeles Becomes Largest US City to Ban Plastic Bags

Last week the state of Hawaii introduced a state-wide ban on plastic bags, becoming the first US state to do so. In spite…

What’s in a Bag? The Continuing Debate About Banning Plastic Bags

In the spring, the European Commission plans to publish proposals that will tackle the problem of plastic bags and to reduce the number…
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“Save The Plastic Bag Coalition” Fights Against Banning Plastic Bags in SF

If you thought the debate over the impact of plastic bags is one debate we’re already done with, you got it wrong. It’s…

Another City Says Good Bye to Plastic Bags

The environment is starting to get a lot more time in the proverbial spotlight. We are learning that our actions have had an…
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The Plastic Bag Blind Spot

Those little bags you use to put your veggies and fruits in at the supermarket, or the bags that are wrapped around your…