Plastic-Free Legos? Toy Giant Seeks Alternative Material for Blocks

The Danish toymaker is investing $150 million in the search for an alternative material that doesn't diminish Lego's classic nap fit.

Ford Considers Bamboo for Car Interiors

Ford is tinkering with the idea of using bamboo as a raw material, either in the form of upholstery for seat coverings or…

Toy Recycling Gets a Boost from Tom’s of Maine and TerraCycle

Tom’s of Maine, in a partnership with TerraCycle, says it has a solution for unwanted toys: Consumers can collect old or broken toys…

Office Depot and TerraCycle Partner on Binder Recycling

Office Depot and market upcycling leader TerraCycle are teaming up to recycle those old binders that accumulate in our desks.

Garnier Wants You to Recycle Those Bathroom Empties

Garnier wants you to make more of an effort to recycle those empty plastic bottles of shampoo and body wash, and it's enlisting…

The New Plastics Economy: Thriving in a Plastic World

Plastic is the “key enabler for sectors as diverse as packaging, construction, transportation, healthcare and electronics," says the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. But the…

How Close Are We To a New Plastics Economy?

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation sees much value loss as massive amounts of plastic, especially what is used for packaging, ends up in landfill.…

Clinton Global Initiative and Thread Bring Dignity to Haiti’s Plastic Bottle Collectors

In partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, Timberland, HP and the NGO Team Tassy, the social enterprise Thread plans to improve quality of…

5 Ways Companies Can Save the Planet With Plastic Alternatives

Every company, no matter how small, has a responsibility to make "green" mainstream, says Ryan Williams of Method.

California’s Recycling Industry is in Rapid Decline

California is struggling to recycle its waste, including single-use disposable containers that are a lifeline for some of the state's poorest residents. Meanwhile,…

GM Churns 2 Million Water Bottles Into Fleece

General Motors recycled 2 million water bottles, many of which are from Flint, into products including winter coats for the homeless.

Is The New ‘Plastics and Sustainability’ Report Greenwash?

Trucost and the American Chemistry Council say plastic is 'green' in a new study? Is this claim all it's cracked up to be?

Industry Study Touts Environmental Benefits of Plastic

The American Chemistry Council insists via a commissioned report that plastic has an environmental impact far smaller than alternative materials such as glass…

Shampoo and Conditioner Startup Ditches Plastic Bottles

If there is one personal care startup that has the potential to disrupt a stodgy industry, and score enough venture capital funding to…

Ford and Jose Cuervo Partner To Make Bioplastic From Agave

Ford's initial assessments “suggest the material holds great promise due to its durability and aesthetic qualities.”