Presidio Capital Markets Open Letter Project

Capital Markets Open Letters Project

Presidio Graduate School’s Capital Markets course’s primary purpose is to explore, understand and appreciate the institutions, flow of money, functions, laws and language of the capital markets, so that students are able to relate the concepts of sustainability to the capital markets. The class learns how the capital markets can be accessed and used to achieve sustainability goals, and how the capital markets can impact work used to pursue sustainability goals, even if there is no intention to be directly involved in the capital markets.

For one of the course assignments, students write a letter to an oversight body, government entity or other appropriate institution. This letter enables students to leverage the recommendations developed in their course project and are directed towards changing the sector of capital markets that relates to their chosen topic so it reinforces principles of sustainability.
This page is a showcase of all the class letters over the course of the assignment.

San Francisco: Issue an Impact-Rated Muni Bond in Energy Efficiency

In light of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors resolution to divest from fossil fuels, students of Presidio Graduate School call for its issuance…
Green Rental Network

A Solution to the Residential Energy Efficiency “Split Incentive” Problem

An open letter to CleanPowerSF requesting the adoption of a "Green Rental Network" and on-bill financing strategy to remedy the split incentive problem…

An Open Letter to Ann Amioka, California Chamber of Commerce

The Jump-start Our Business Start-ups (JOBS) Act recently received the Senate’s approval and would help small companies raise capital, if enacted. As business…

An Open Letter to Thailand’s Minister of Finance

A call for action to address the inadequate funding sources for Thailand small businesses and startups.
Indivisible wristband

Open Letter to McDonald’s and Walmart on Entrepreneurship in Low-Income Communities

A call to action for Walmart and McDonald's to support the Create Jobs for USA program and create entrepreneurial opportunities and jobs for…

Local Living Economies Movement needs Worker Co-op Legislation

I would like to propose that the current California statute be enhanced to broaden guidelines for worker co-ops.

A Call for a Carpet Recycling Offset Protocol for AB32

My name is Rachel Balsley, and along with Christy Hurlburt and Laura Waters, am finishing my MBA at the Presidio Graduate School in…
IRIS logo

A Common Language for Impact Investing

As graduate students pursuing MBAs in Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School, we are advocates for the myriad possibilities for positive economic and…

Banking the Unbanked: How Savings Circles Can Help the Poor Build Affordable Access to Capital

We are MBA business students at Presidio Graduate School studying the financial activities of low-to-moderate income individuals; in particular, we are studying systemic…

Power to the People: Mobile Banking in Developing Countries

Our research suggests that high entrepreneurship rates in developing economies are a significant point of leverage for building a middle class in the…

A Call for Tougher Regulations on Predatory Lending

As MBA students and future business leaders in sustainability, we are writing to urge you to support tougher regulations around the practices of…
BerkShares -- A Successful Example of Local Currency

Keeping Things Local: Local Currency Could Benefit San Francisco

We are writing to suggest that the city of San Francisco consider adopting a local currency to support small businesses and encourage local…

Venture Funding for Cleantech SMEs in Developing Nations

In light of KPCB’s record of investing in world-changing businesses and because the firm has recently embraced cleantech opportunities with the Greentech initiative,…

Udall Wants Credit Unions to Lend More to Small Business

We are asking the National Small Business Association to support S. 509: The Small Business Lending Enhancement Act of 2011.

Growing Profits in Marshes; Can Foundations Help Spur Mitigation Banking Markets?

This semester I am working with a colleague, Lindsey Herrema, to analyze the Wetland Mitigation Banking industry. In our study, we identified a…