Presidio economics blog 2012

Presidio Graduate School’s Macroeconomics course for Spring, 2012 is authoring a series of articles. The articles on this “mico-blog” reflect reactions and thoughts on news items, economic theory, and other issues as they pertain to the concept of sustainability.


The Case for Investing in Women

Women invest in their communities, which leads to increased financial growth and social opportunities for members of those communities.

How Baseball Could Usher in a Greener American Future

Major League Baseball broke the color barrier 7 years before The Supreme Court ruled in favor of desegregation. Today, MLB is stepping up… image

Not Sold in Stores: Why Organic Tampons Aren’t Reaching Conventional Retail Shelves

Organic cotton tampons have yet to make it onto the shelves of large, conventional stores in the U.S such as Target and Walmart.…
Global Shale Gas Reserves

Fracking: Boom or Bust?

Moral hazard or modern miracle? Natural gas prices have fallen due to increased supply driven by hydraulic well fracturing (“fracking”). The US stands…

E-Waste Generates Additional Revenues for Consumer Electronic Retailers

Each year, approximately 2.5 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste) ends up in landfills, and according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency only…

Radical Sharing for the New Industrial Revolution

The access economy, also known as collaborative consumption, is characterized by the sharing of goods, space, services and expertise, in innovative ways; typically…

LED Adoption: The Rocky Path to a Long Awaited Tipping Point

The advantages of high brightness light emitting diodes (HBLED) are well known, however widespread adoption has been slow in coming despite a multi…

Liquid Gold: The Economics of Water Trading Markets

Water scarcity is a global reality— nearly half of the world’s population will suffer from severe water shortages by the year 2050 and…

Cost Accounting for the Chilean Miracle

Chile is one of South America's strongest economies. However, their growth has not come without social and environmental consequences. Recent renewable energy projects…

Is “Wine on Tap” a More Sustainable, Drinkable Alternative?

Wine on tap is an emerging phenomenon in California restaurants. Kegging wine has multiple advantages; it is environmentally beneficial, cost effective, and keeps…
Data resources

Our Data: A Sustainable Resource in the Digital Ecosystem?

Our personal data form an incredibly important resource for many technology companies, leading some to regard the massive amounts of data we generate…
solar panels320

Does BrightSource’s Shelved IPO Spell Trouble for the Solar Sector?

Recent developments like solar power-plant developer BrightSource Energy shelving its IPO, or full-service solar provider SolarCity announcing this week its plans to go…