Professional Sports Provide Needed Economic Stimulus in St. Louis

3p is proud to partner with the Presidio Graduate School’s Macroeconomics course on a blogging series about “the economics of sustainability.” This post…

Windows of the Future: Carbon Nanotubes and On-Site Energy Generation

In the building industry, designers and builders must balance a client’s desire for expansive outdoor views with the need to minimize solar heat…

US-Chinese Trade War on Solar Panels Killed Solyndra

As the bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Solyndra scrambled to find bidders for the company's assets, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s investigates the true…

Let’s Make Restaurant Kitchens the New Nexus of Sustainability

One part hospitality, two parts light industry, restaurants offer a near-perfect assortment of top shelf sustainability issues. Why not train our chefs, managers…

How Our Brains Impede Pricing the Ecosystem

One way to price natural services (when a market for those services don't already exist) is to use a technique called Contingent Valuation,…
Occupy Atlanta march. Photo used under Creative Commons license from scad_lo

Is it Time to Foreclose on Your Bank?

A look back at the role of corporate banks during the financial crisis of 2008 and a look at other options such as…

Credit Unions Ask, ‘Now What?’ Answer: Invest in Cooperatives

Credit union membership continues to surge after the successful 'Move Your Money' campaign. The opportunity now exists to better articulate the connection between…
growing money

Two Birds with One Stone – Addressing Food Security and Disempowering the 1% with Slow Money

Occupy Wall Street is challenging the fast money paradigm. The faster they can move money, the richer they get - but at a…
monopoly man

How to Build a Better Bailout: Consider Main Street

It seems to me that the big “government bailout” of banks and selected industries was significantly one sided. There could have been a…

Let’s Start by Getting Rid of Oil Subsidies

How can the US government possibly consider taxing carbon when they’re still subsidizing oil? Isn’t this an obvious contradiction?

Condensed Cattle Herding Actually Improves Arid Land

How intensive cattle farming might be the answer to our climate crisis. Those of us that fancy ourselves environmentally conscious eaters spend a…
atomic data center

Datacenters: Friend or Foe?

Energy efficient datacenters enable an innovation economy with less environmental and financial cost. All this growth is enabled by the cloud. From the…

The Robin Hood Tax Debate

By Maggie Winslow The EU and UK are currently contemplating instating a financial transaction tax, sometimes called a “Robin Hood” or Tobin Tax. …
As a player, Lionel Messi embodies the spirit of the beautiful game.

The World Cup: How FIFA Benefits While Host Countries Lose Big

Countries and cities spend vast amounts of money to participate in the bidding process to host world sporting events. Along with the pride…

Celebrity Charities: The New Way of Giving

This new action oriented charitable work by celebrities is what intrigued me about the latest non-profit project by Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation.
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