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RecycleBank is a subsidiary of Recycle Rewards, Inc. The company provides rewards, in the form of discounts and deals, for participating in green initiatives.


Philadelphia More Than Doubles Recycling Rate

The City of Brotherly Love has increased the amount of materials it recycles by 155 percent over the past six years. The city…
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How Cities and Businesses Are Working Together to Address Climate Change

A total of 757 public-private carbon reduction drivers from around thr world were cited in a new report released by the Carbon Disclosure…
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3p Interview: Recyclebank Goes Retail With OneTwine

This week, Recyclebank is taking another step towards its its mission to “realize a world where nothing is wasted,” with the launch of…
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5 Reasons Why Johnson & Johnson’s Tumblr Recycling Campaign is Likely to Fail

5 reasons why J&J's new campaign on Tumblr "Care to recycle,” which is “a gentle reminder to recycle empty containers from the bathroom"…
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Recyclebank, Coors Partners on New Aluminum Recycling Program

Recyclebank and the Coors Brewing Company have launched an online awareness campaign that seeks to educate consumers even more about aluminum recycling.

Can Collaborations Help Change Consumer Behavior?

Collaborating and partnering for change is one of the main trends in the green business space. Here are some insights on how to…
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Utilities Provide 4 Lessons in Consumer Behavior Change

The latest heat wave provide one more incentive for utilities to take action to encourage customers to save energy. Their innovative efforts provide…
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One Start-Up’s Quest to Eliminate Food Waste and Profit

An innovative startu-up, EcoScarps, developed a model that collects food scraps for free and re-sells them to make a profit, keeping food waste…
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Recyclebank Reroutes Travelers onto a Greener Path

RecycleBank’s new iPhone app encourages Londoners to go retro in their transportation choices, by rewarding them for walking or biking to their destinations…
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London’s Congestion Charge is Working and There is a Map to Prove It

London’s traffic is legendary and so is its traffic management system. From early 2003, the city of London started charging a fee, which…
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As Earth Month Winds Down, Honest Tea Recycles Old Facebook Posts

Last week Honest Tea launched a Facebook app that may just encourage you and your peers to recycle in a partnership with Recyclebank.

Can Terracycle Convince American Parents to Recycle Dirty Diapers?

Terracycle is no stranger to challenges. The company actually seems to thrive when it comes to exploring new ways to upcycle and recycle…

The Future Will be Couponized: A Conversation with Ian Yolles of Recyclebank

These are exciting times at Recyclebank. The company is moving ahead on several fronts, scaling up its recycling program through a partnership with…

Recyclebank’s Quest to Help Zumbox Lead the Digital Mail Market

On Monday, Recyclebank and Zumbox, the world’s first digital postal system, announced that Zumbox is joining Recyclebank Ecosystem, a network of companies working…

Teaching Sustainability via Rewards: An Interview with Ian Yolles, CSO, Recyclebank

  By John Havens Recyclebank’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Ian Yolles had a chance to sit down with Yoxi, one of Opportunity Green’s sponsors a few weeks back…