General Motors Makes the Business Case for Recycling

General Motors has become a great example of the business benefits for recycling. The company announced that last year, they recycled 92% of…
Hydration stations sweeping colleges

College Campuses Dump Disposable Water Bottles

To date, over a dozen colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada have campus-wide bans of the plastic bottles. A dozen more…

Don’t Fear the Compost: A Corporate Zero Waste Implementation Story

By Matt Courtland Zero waste is a movement that aims to eliminate the material that goes into landfills by recycling or composting most items.…

New Balance Creates Sneaker From Recycled Plastic Bottles

The entire upper of New Balance’s new sneaker, called newSky, is made from a fiber called Eco-fi, which is 95 percent post-consumer recycled…

Greening for Survival, And the Bottom Line

By Ashok Kamal For decades, it has been clear that a better understanding of sustainability is necessary to ensure humanity’s survival. Now the…
PUMA's Re-Suede

PUMA’s Re-Suede Melds 70’s Retro With Modern Sustainability

PUMA's Suede has been re-birthed with the company's introduction last week of the “Re-Suede,” redesigned with mostly recycled materials.
Terracycle recycling process

Terra Cycle Pushes E-waste Collection Boundaries With Mice Brigade

TerraCycle, partnering with Logitech, has launched the Keyboard and Mouse Brigade. The e-waste recycling program allows users to box up and ship old…

Store Take-Back Program Provides Used Clothes to Refugee Camps

By Pankaj Arora How do you make the best use of your used clothes? Uniqlo shows how – in a way that makes…

Complete the Loop by Buying Recycled

This article outlines the 3 stages of recycling and argues for a closed-loop recycling system that protects the environment and promotes a greener…

Belgian Company Leads the Way in Landfill Mining

Landfill mining is a rapidly growing area of waste management that is proving to be extremely profitable. About 50 miles east of Brussels,…

Gamification Pervades Our Daily Lives

This article explores the human attraction to games and discusses how gamification can be applied to solve contemporary social problems.

Allstate Cutting Paper Use Drastically, Saving Both Trees and Money

The insurance company Allstate uses a lot of paper – in 2009 it used approximately 3.7 billion sheets, equal to approximately 450,000 trees.…

Patagonia Partners with eBay to Reduce Consumption

Patagonia and eBay have teamed up to create a new marketplace for sellers and customers to buy and sell their unwanted Patagonia clothing…
a refrigerator graveyard

GE Launches Refrigerator Recycling Program

What do you do with a refrigerator once it reaches the end of its life?  Well, in our parents’ and grandparents’ day, appliances…

Dead Refrigerators Come Back To Life as Movie Theater in London

Recycling is not the most exciting topic. Gather your cans and newspapers, take them to the curb once a week. End of story,…