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New Geothermal Drilling Project Opens Up in Chile

Ormat Nevada announced five awards to explore for geothermal resources in Chile while the 2011 GEA Expo taking place in San Diego this…

Renewable Energy Credits Explained

Green energy credits are renewable energy certificates (RECs) that provde electricity was generated with a renewable energy resource such as solar or wind…

Community Choice Aggregation: What’s Not to Like?

Community choice aggregation can help communities achieve energy independence but with the changing energy and policy landscape it might be a distracting and…
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South Africa Enacts CO2 Emissions Cap as UN Climate Negotiators to Converge on Durban

The South African government will enact an emissions cap and new energy industry regulations in an effort to spur development of alternative, clean…

GM Switchgrass Could Boost Future Bio-Fuel Production

Not so long ago, it seemed that biofuels were assumed to be the best means for us to wean ourselves from our oil…
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Chinese Factory Riots Show Solar Isn’t Always Sustainable

Recent riots at a solar panel factory in China should be seen as a dire reminder to the international business community and political…

Sustainability Movement is in Dire Need of Minority Outreach

The environmental movement is, and has been, well aware of the fact that it needs to work on increasing ethnic, age, and income…

IBM Joins EcoGrid EU Renewable Energy-Smart Grid Consortium

IBM's signing on as a member of EcoGrid EU, a consortium of companies that is planning a European Union (EU) smart grid that…
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North Carolina Solar Farm Leads a Building Wave

Community members, local leaders, solar power industry participants, state government officials and members of Congress gathered in Mount Airy, North Carolina Oct. 10…
Is the future of Greece here? Piraeus, Greece, Nov. 2010, by Leon Kaye

Can Greece Shine Its Way out of Default with Solar?

Germany, a global leader in solar energy, is mulling a path for Greece to emerge out of its fiscal misery. Could Greece become…

London Plans on World’s Biggest Solar Bridge

City officials have long been working to ‘green’ London, and the effort is gathering speed in the lead up to the 2012 Olympic Games which…
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Wastewater Treatment & Clean Energy: Turning Negatives into Positives

Investment in combining clean energy and wastewater treatment is on the rise in the US, as public and private sector industry and businesses…
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Making Renewables Happen in the U.S.

There are several obstacles to overcome in order to have the much-needed switch to renewables...
potatoes, soon to be washed by recycled water and turned into chips

Frito-Lay Opens “Near Net Zero” Plant in Arizona

Frito-Lay reopens what will be a “near net zero” plant. The factory will run of mostly renewable energy, operate significantly with recycled water,…
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Weekend Infographic: World Energy Report

Take a look at energy consumption and renewable energy capacity in a global context.