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Wastewater Treatment & Clean Energy: Turning Negatives into Positives

Investment in combining clean energy and wastewater treatment is on the rise in the US, as public and private sector industry and businesses…
Solar Panels

Making Renewables Happen in the U.S.

There are several obstacles to overcome in order to have the much-needed switch to renewables...
potatoes, soon to be washed by recycled water and turned into chips

Frito-Lay Opens “Near Net Zero” Plant in Arizona

Frito-Lay reopens what will be a “near net zero” plant. The factory will run of mostly renewable energy, operate significantly with recycled water,…
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Weekend Infographic: World Energy Report

Take a look at energy consumption and renewable energy capacity in a global context.
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EV Battery Staple to Be Produced at Geothermal Site

Using a "breakthrough, zero-waste" process that can be incorporated into geothermal power plants, the lithium carbonate, manganese and zinc produced from Simbol's facility…
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400 Megawatt Solar Plant Planned for Florida’s Panhandle

National Solar Power will invest $1.5 billion to build the Southeast's largest solar power farm, a 400MW solar power farm in Florida's Gadsden…

Sungevity: Jump-Starting the Sustainable Marketing Revolution?

Every time I turn on the radio these days, I hear Sungevity advertisements that, “Solar is not just for environmentalists anymore!” Instead, the…

Two Emerging Models of Consumer Owned Utilities

For all the talk of emerging renewable energy technology, there has thus far been precious little movement in most of the world in…
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Germans Embrace Renewable Energy as Nuclear Phase-Out Moves Ahead

Individuals and businesses across Germany are embracing the transition to renewable energy sources as the country moves ahead with its plan to shut…

Is the Future of Solar Technology Looking Bright? Experts Discuss

These are tough times for the solar industry. Companies such as Evergreen solar and SpectraWatt have filed for bankruptcy, while most famously, Solyndra,…
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St. Louis Puts Solar Power on Low Income Housing

The St. Louis Housing Authority has installed solar power systems on its administrative headquarters and four affordable housing complexes. Real Goods Solar designed,…

Mexico’s First Integrated Solar System Now Online

The border city of Mexicali will be home to Mexico's first integrated solar power system and manufacturing plant, Baja Sun Energy SRL announced…

7 Hot Topics from SOCAP 2011

As SOCAP 2011 – a conference focused on “accelerating the flow of capital to social good” – drew to a close last Friday…

Video Interview: Green Jobs for Native Americans

At SOCAP 2011, many international companies solving global poverty issues were represented, but poverty is also a reality for millions of North Americans. …
u.s. air force invests in solar energy

Air Force Partnership with Solar Company Demonstrates Potential Success of the American Jobs Act

When President Obama addressed Congress last week to enlist support for the American Jobs Act, he could have easily used the company Magnolia…