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Green IT – The Other Clean Tech

This post examines U.S. prospects for leading in green information technology, as a growing component of the broader clean tech market.
Is this the Volkswagen one-seater? Courtesy

Volkswagen to Roll Out New One Seater Electric Car

In an interview with the Financial Times, Jurgen Leohold, Volkswagen’s head of research, revealed that a new electric-powered, experimental car will be announced…

Renewable Energy Usage Surpasses Nuclear

There are a ton of energy sources.  Some are renewable, some not so renewable.  On the renewable front, we have a bit of…
costco charging stations

Hundreds of EV Drivers Urge Costco to Keep Chargers

Plug In America, a very vocal, electric vehicle (“EV”) advocacy group, has issued an “action alert” to its members, after Costco Corporation announced…

Ford Announces Plan to Sell Rooftop Solar Panels with Electric Vehicles

Auto companies with electric vehicle offerings are increasingly taking the opportunity to build links between their vehicles and renewable energy. Perhaps in response…
Bringing Light to Zambia

Bright Lights, Small Village: “Empowered by Light” Brings Solar to Rural Africa

By  Jill Abelson Triple Pundit  and The New York Times have both recently reported on bright efforts to bring solar light to rural…
The Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy (click for FULL SIZE)

Denmark’s Roadmap for Fossil Fuel Independence

This post is a condensed version of an article in the August issue of The Solutions Journal, based at the Institute for Sustainable…
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“Last Stand” Against Brazil’s Belo Monte Dam Raises “True Cost” Questions

Opponents of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam system in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon are mounting a "last stand" attempt to halt…

Renewable Energy 2010: 16% of Global Energy; Nearly 11% in the US

REN21’s “Renewables 2011″ Global Status Report is a remarkable one, particularly in light of the lasting effects of the “Great Recession” and all…

Just Add Water: Building a Sustainable Community in Africa

Location, location, location. I discovered this old cliché really did ring true during my eight years in the real estate industry – people…

GM Demonstrates Strong Commitment to Solar Energy

General Motors made two announcements this week, both indicating a strong commitment by the company to solar energy. On Thursday – GM Ventures…

Energy Production Costs at Root of Government Belt Tightening

Eric Zencey explains why it would be wise to pay proper attention to energy return on investment.

Renewable Energy Investments Set New Record, Up 32% in 2010

Developing countries took the lead in renewable energy investing in 2010, as total investments rose 1/3 to a new record.

Major Solar Installation Unveiled to Thousands of Fans at NASCAR Race

As NASCAR fans excitedly prepared for Sunday’s Toyota/Save Mart 350, with its almost unending stream of activities and entertainment, there was something decidedly…
Credit: Bill DiBenedetto

Leading the Charge for Electric Cars at Apartment Complexes

Here’s another amenity coming soon to an apartment complex near you: electric vehicle charging stations. Car Charging Group and Equity Residential have teamed…