Renewable Energy

News and analysis on the solar, wind and other renewable energy sectors.

Future Shock In The Autonomous Electric Vehicle Economy

The autonomous electric vehicle economy is poised to deliver lower costs that will reshape our lives. The "mobility as a service" sector is…

How The Electric Vehicle Economy Will Win On Price

Electric vehicles anchor a critical mass of technologies poised to slash transportation costs through a new business model often called mobility as a…

Mines, Clean Energy and Investment: India’s Triple Bottom Line

With prolific metals, minerals and fuels, one of the world’s largest mining industries offers a fast-evolving solution for a low-carbon economy.

Atlanta Pledges 100 Percent Renewable Power by 2035

Atlanta is the first city in the American South to pursue 100 percent renewable energy with an ambitious 2035 target.

West Virginia’s Largest Utility Sees Renewables — Not Coal — in its Future

West Virginia's largest utility, Appalachian Power, indicated that solar and wind power technologies will be a larger part of the Mountain State's electricity…

Report: Almost Half of Fortune 500s Set Climate Change, Clean Energy Targets

These findings and more comprise a joint report from the World Wildlife Fund, Calvert Investments, CDP and Ceres.

A Federal Incentive for Social Entrepreneurs to Expand Their Businesses

Rural counties from New England to the American South to Hawaii are attracting socially responsible businesses by providing economic development package for equipment…

World’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Goes Up Against Tesla EV

Toyota is launching its new "top secret" heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell truck in Los Angeles this summer, just in time to compete with…

Trump Administration on Board with Solar-Powered Renewable Hydrogen

Renewable hydrogen created by splitting water with solar energy is getting a lot of love from the Trump administration these days; coal, not…

2020 Can Be the Turning Point Year For Climate Action

On April 10, Christina Figueres, former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), convened a meeting in London…

Portland Metro Targets 100 Percent Renewable Energy By 2050

This week Portland, Oregon and surrounding Multnomah County unveiled a joint agenda to meet 100 percent of their energy needs with renewables by…

Creative Ways to Make Solar Pay Back for Commercial Buildings

Local permitting challenges and utility demand rates can lower the rate of return on a commercial solar project. But solutions abound!

Low-Carbon Policies Create Jobs and Spur a Healthy Economy

Some say low-carbon policies are job killers that leave blue-collar workers behind. But in this day of he said/she said and fake news,…

Two Keys to Successful Commercial Solar

3p economic correspondent Bill Roth explains how utilities use demand charges to put a cloud over customer-owned solar power.

The Next Big Thing in Renewable Energy for Homeowners

Capacity for home energy-storage technologies continues to rise while costs go down. This will make solar a no-brainer for many families.