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Sustainability and CSR in Retail

The retail industry, from suburban big-box stores to boutique shops, is among the most public of industries. Retailers employ millions and directly enable most consumer purchases. As such, they are in a unique position to advance sustainability by educating consumers and offering products with recycled content, durability, and ethical supply chains.

On the other hand, retailers must respond to the market at large which can lead to challenges in influencing consumer behavior.

On this page, learn about what leading retailers are doing (or not doing) to advance principals of sustainability in the products they sell, the way they treat stakeholders both internal and external, and many other issues.


How Black Friday Creates a Marketing Opportunity for Alternatives

At BSR a few weeks ago I was excited to have Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn directly answer my question “Is promoting Black Friday midnight sales contrary…
Walmart Black Friday 2010

Black Friday 2012: More Hours, More Resistance

If you think Black Friday couldn’t get worse, you got it wrong. The biggest shopping day of the year is beginning earlier than…

Sustainable Business Practices at Best Buy: Recycling and Upgrading

By Amanda Kidd For a company that has a fifth of the total consumer electronics market under its belt in the United States,…
Food Deserts

Drugstores Selling Produce in Food Deserts: This Has to Work, Right?

We have all heard about food deserts: those dreary, downtrodden, typically inner-city places where it is easier to buy hard drugs than a…

Putting the Power to Conserve Energy in Consumers’ Hands – Through Technology

Neil McPhail, board member, Alliance to Save Energy and senior vice president, new business customer solutions group at Best Buy discusses how power…

Major Retailers Show that Disaster Management is an Integral Part of CSR

Disaster management is rapidly becoming a very important area of CSR. Although some natural disasters strike very suddenly and the only response that…
costco charging stations

Hundreds of EV Drivers Urge Costco to Keep Chargers

Plug In America, a very vocal, electric vehicle (“EV”) advocacy group, has issued an “action alert” to its members, after Costco Corporation announced…
eco set

Target Commercial Shoots Go Eco-Friendly

Target partners with EcoSet, an environmental production company founded as a response to the environmental impact of the film production industry, for commercial…
Best Buy

Best Buy’s New Sustainability Report: Between Recycling and Upgrading

Best Buy released their 2011 sustainability report last week, entitled “Our World, Connected.” It is a comprehensive report demonstrating Best Buy’s CEO commitment…
A Target Store in Miami, FL

Target Announces Corporate Responsibility Goals

Target announced its corporate responsibility scorecard, with a focus on the environment, education, healthy living, and community work.
Target recycles plastic bags, bottles, cans and small electronics

Target Customers Respond to New Recycling Program

About one year into Target’s new recycling initiative, the results seem pretty impressive. In the first nine months alone, the store collected 170 …

Costco Steps Up Sustainable Seafood Policy

By Dave Best In a “stunning win for the oceans,” Costco recently stepped up its Sustainable Seafood policies. Improving on voluntary changes announced…
new leaf paper

Office Depot & New Leaf: Tracing Your Paper’s Origins

Would knowing where your products came from and seeing their journey to your shopping cart help you think more about sustainability? Would illustrating the carbon…

The Home Depot Foundation Selects Two Cities for Sustainability Program

In 2002, The Home Depot created The Home Depot Foundation which supports non-profit organizations that are “dedicated to creating and preserving healthy and…
Target plastic bag

Walgreen’s Latches on to Plastic Bags, Offers Alternative Uses

Walgreen’s (am I the only one that walks in there with a rumpled canvas bag?) offers some suggestions to its consumers for dealing…