Best buy storefront

Beginning of the End for Big Box Dominance?

With the announcement of the closure of 50 big box retail outlets, Best Buy recently added more evidence to a growing suspicion about…

Office Depot’s Social Responsibility Gets Results

Office Depot is the nation’s second largest seller of office supplies and services. It may also be the most innovative based on its…

Bringing It Home: Is It Greener to Ship or Buy At the Store?

When I order an item online and have it delivered to my home, is that greener or less green than going to the…

Patagonia Asks Its Customers to ‘Buy Less’ and Boosts Customer Base

Asking your customers to buy less of your product is never a good sales strategy but that is exactly what Patagonia is doing.…

Denim Industry Set to Revive Old Welsh Town

In western Wales, a small town charmingly called Cardigan with a population of 4000 once churned out 35,000 pairs of jeans every week…

RILA: Retail Sustainability is On the Move

By Adam Siegel, RILA Vice President, Sustainability & Retail Operations Industry Research Outlines Progress in Environmental Sustainability Retailers are continuing to enhance and…
Best Buy

Best Buy’s New Sustainability Report: Between Recycling and Upgrading

Best Buy released their 2011 sustainability report last week, entitled “Our World, Connected.” It is a comprehensive report demonstrating Best Buy’s CEO commitment…
A Target Store in Miami, FL

Target Announces Corporate Responsibility Goals

Target announced its corporate responsibility scorecard, with a focus on the environment, education, healthy living, and community work.
An REI store in Mountain View, CA

REI’s Climate Impact Slows While Sales Surge

REI recently released its 2010 Stewardship report, showing how it tries to increase revenues while slowing the effects of its carbon footprint.
REI Round Rock TX

REI Reduces GHG Emissions 10% While Business Grows

While REI has achieved impressive growth in a difficult economy the last few years, the outdoor clothing and gear firm has also made…

Best Buy Wants to Become Top EV Seller; Educating Customers is Key

When it comes to innovation, Best Buy continues to surprise me with with just how far ahead they are of every other big-box…

Retail Therapy: Solutions For “Smart” Supermarkets

By John Wallace In case you haven’t noticed, 2010 has a theme: It’s the year of all things “smart” – Smart grids, smart…
Albert Heijn Supermarket, Amsterdam

European Retailers Adopt Voluntary Sustainable Business Code

This coalition between the European Retail Round Table (ERRT) and EuroCommerce claims that it is committing retailers to improve their operations in six…

Is it Possible to Measure Sustainability Within the Retail Industry?

At a fundamental level, there’s really nothing sustainable about the retail industry as we know it today.  In the United States and abroad,…

Crate & Barrel Warehouse Robots Cut Carbon Footprint of Retail

Can robots from MA-based Kiva Systems turn warehouses green? Crate and Barrel thinks so. So far, most companies have installed Kiva warehouse automation…