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Ceres: Half of America’s Largest Companies Don’t Report on Climate Risk

Regarding climate change risk, “roughly half of the 3,000 biggest publicly traded companies in the U.S. say mum’s the word, reporting zilch in…
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Amazon, Apple Ignoring SEC Climate Change Risk Disclosure Rules

Apple and Amazon are among SEC filers that ignore a 3 ½ year old rule requiring them to inform their investors about risk…
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The Netflix Billion Hour Nasty-Gram: Time for SEC to Catch Up With Social Media?

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is in hot water with the SEC over his announcement earlier this summer that Netflix averaged one billion hours…
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BP to Pay Record Fines for Deepwater Disaster

BP has reached an agreement with the federal government to accept criminal responsibility for the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster and to pay…
pebble watch

Would You Rather Have 10 Angry Investors, or 68,000?

A recent slipup by Kickstarter's star project, the Pebble Watch, illustrates one of the perils of the brave new world of crowdfunding.

With Senate Bill Passage Crowdfunding Legalization On the Horizon

On Thursday, the U.S. Senate approved legislation that will legalize crowdfunding and allow the general public to make equity investments in start-up companies…

Sustainability, the CFO’s Job: Three Key Issues

Ernst & Young released a report earlier this week that explains how sustainability can and will change the role of the Chief Financial…

Oil Company Shareholders Vote Against Fracking in Record Numbers

Opponents of fracking have taken their cause to energy companies’ shareholders, and the results are impressive. Recent shareholder resolution votes on fracking resulted…

Shareholders Pressure Coca-Cola to Scrutinize BPA

On April 27 over one-quarter of Coca-Cola shareholders voted for a resolution that requested the beverage giant to address consumers’ concerns over bisphenol…

SEC Considering Crowdsourced Funding

Let’s say you want to invest in the latest and greatest sustainable start-up.  You can only afford to invest $100.  There are also…
Wall Street and Lower Manhattan, at night as seen from Brooklyn

Ceres: SEC Climate Change Disclosures Need More Work

Recently Ceres concluded that while large companies that register with the SEC have overall improved their climate change risk disclosures in recent years,…
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