How Fleet Management Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What steps can you take to reduce your carbon footprint — even as your organization continues to expand? Let’s take a look.

The Growing Problem of E-Commerce Waste

The rapid rise in online shopping and food delivery is creating mountains of cardboard and packaging waste, a problem that, so far, few…

Island Nations Tackle Shipping Emissions

These islands are united by what surrounds them -- ocean water -- which is one of the reasons they've come together to call…, carbon war room, rightship, cargill, Huntsman, UNIPEC, Leon Kaye, international trade, global shipping, shipping, global shipping industry

Breaking: Shipping Industry Takes Massive Step Towards Energy Efficiency

Today three large multinationals have agreed to charter only vessels in the shipping industry that have the highest rates of energy efficiency.
The Tres Hombres: This is what green shipping looks like.

Carrotmob’s Capitalist Activism Goes to Sea

One of the most interesting groups out there altering the fabric of reality is Carrotmob. The San Francisco-based organizing group started in 2008…

And Today’s Post of Shame Goes to… BatteriesPlus

It’s been a while since I had a good chance to rant about ridiculously oversized shipping boxes.  I miss it.  Today’s target: BatteriesPlus.…
tractor trailer

UK Government Takes on Tractor Trailer Emissions

The UK government launched a new project worth £9.5 to reduce emissions from tractor trailers.

Slow Shipping Sails Into Existence: Why Businesses Should Care

The global impact of boat based shipping is enormous, and largely unknown to the public. The New Dawn Traders are now on the…

Maersk Teams with US Navy to Test Algae Biofuel

The US military is set to invest billions in clean energy, and the Navy has just launched a new partnership with with Maersk,…
FedEx installs new green roof at packing and sorting facility at O'Hare International Airport

FedEx Packs Green Roof the Size of Three Football Fields into O’Hare International Airport

A little green roof can do a lot of good, and FedEx is about to find out how much good an enormous 175,000…

UPS Reduces Per Package Fuel Consumption

Most people probably don’t give an awful lot of thought to how the things they buy actually get to them. But the reality…

UN Shipping Group Moves on Vessel Emission Reductions

An International Maritime Organization panel adopted what it calls mandatory design and operational measures to reduce greenhouse gases from international shipping. According to…

The Source of the 19¢ Banana

Trader Joe’s shoppers are probably familiar with the store’s incredible deal on bananas- 19¢ apiece for conventionally grown and 29¢ for organic. I’ve…
Dell's packaging mix

Dell Reduced Packaging by 18 Million Pounds Since 2008

Dell’s initiative focuses on a “three C’s” packaging strategy: cube, content, and curbside recyclability-and has reduced the use of packing materials by 18…

Wallenius: Reducing GHGs While Delivering Cars

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL), the Scandinavian ocean shipping and logistics company, cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 32 percent last year, mainly through…
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