Smart Cities

Smart cities, sometimes called connected cities, use technology to improve the efficiency and performance of urban services. From reducing energy use to relieving urban gridlock, smart-city solutions are slowly popping up around the world. Check out our coverage below.

This Perfect Storm Could Threaten U.S. Transportation

A bad mix of ill-advised auto loans and empty promises from ridesharing companies could leave big-city transit infrastructures vulnerable across the U.S.

Report: Autonomous EVs Will Transform U.S. Cities by 2030

The concept of car ownership will change dramatically over the next 13 years, say California think tank RethinkX. By 2030, only 20 percent…

Uber’s Self-Driving Car Research Crosses the Border into Canada

Uber was quick to announce a new autonomous vehicles research center in Toronto; but the move north of the U.S. border may be…

South Carolina’s Capital Inches Closer to 100 Percent Renewables

Columbia, South Carolina, is the latest U.S. city to promise a future running on 100 percent renewables. The shift is largely symbolic for…

Atlanta Pledges 100 Percent Renewable Power by 2035

Atlanta is the first city in the American South to pursue 100 percent renewable energy with an ambitious 2035 target.

Cities of the Future Will Depend on Resiliency to Meet Urbanization Demands

To accommodate booming population growth, cities will face increasing challenges, including congested transportation and housing and the need to reliably supply sufficient energy…

London’s Electric Black Cabs Get Arctic Cold

London's iconic fleet of black taxicabs is going electric. And in order to ensure they won't stutter in the cold, the company is…

Berlin’s Transport Secretary is Determined to Phase Out the Automobile

Berlin’s transportation secretary is determined to make the city even more bicycle-friendly, saying: “Whoever drives a car in Berlin has too much time."

A Smarter City is The Smartest Gift to Give

As communities confront growing societal and environmental challenges like climate change, technology will play a critical role in the future success of cities.

5 Reasons for Cities To Adopt Smart Technology

More municipalities, large and small, need to get on board with the smart city trend — and here are five reasons why.

Could Floating Cities Help Us Adapt to Climate Change?

Will the smart cities of the future float? One California nonprofit partnering with French Polynesia says such communities could soon be the reality.…

Looking to the Future of Sustainable Cities

Joel Oerter, an MBA candidate at the University of Washington Foster School of Business, was one of hundreds of students to attend the…

Twitter Chat Recap: #ATTsmartcities with AT&T

The city of the future is environmentally sustainable and addresses the needs of its residents. During this Twitter Chat, our distinguished panelists discussed…

How Consumer Electronics Are Radically Redesigning Our Cars

Consumer electronics, connectivity, and the Internet of Things will reshape our cars and our relationship with transportation for decades to come.

Making the Switch: Smart Technology and Grid Reform for the 21st Century

The Department of Energy estimates that $100 billion in public- and private-sector investment could fully modernize the American energy grid and save consumers…