smart meters

a smart meter generally refers to a meter that updates energy consumption at least once an hour, and provides that information to both the consumer and the utility at least once a day.

The technology is fairly new but smart meters are by no means unusual. As of last year, EIA counted 37,290,374 smart meter installations in the U.S, about 90 percent of which were for residential customers. A fair number of these, 5 million to be exact, were installed with federal Recovery Act funding to help modernize the national grid.

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How the Internet of Things is Changing Residential Energy

The Internet of Things (IoT) has significantly changed the way people approach daily tasks. While this shift is already beginning to make our…
MeterHero, water conservation, water scarcity, energy conservation, smart meters, rebates, Leon Kaye

MeterHero Offers Cash Incentives for Water and Energy Conservation

MeterHero, a Web-based utility monitoring tool, is looking to encourage people to conserve water and energy through cash rebates sponsored by businesses with…

MyMeter Provides Energy-Saving Tools to Homes and Businesses

Software applications like MyMeter, from Accelerated Innovations LLC, help to “empower electric, gas, and water utilities and their customers to better manage end-use…

Persistent Energy Ghana Brings Solar to Those Who Need Light

While the first three installations are in the Eastern region of the Ghana, PEG plans to expand into the island communities in the…
City skyline

The Emerging Sustainable City Opportunity

Not only is there much that cities can do to advance sustainable development, it is critical that they begin doing so.

Interview: CEIVA Energy Making Smart Meters Smarter

Ceiva made their name producing good looking picture frames for digital photos that can interface with the internet. Now, Ceiva has taken that…

How SAP Helped Bring Efficiency to São Paulo’s Electric Utility

Through the lens of sustainability, the savings in energy from this system are probably modest, but reducing costs while still maintaining jobs and…
smart meters for smarter energy management

What is a Smart Meter?

Smart meters can benefit the bottom line by motivating energy efficiency, and by providing businesses with an incentive to adopt renewable energy and…

Lessons in Sustainable Business: PG&E Smart Meters

When PG&E rolled out Smart Meters, poor communication, improperly prepared customer service agents and bad timing coincided with a tiered rate hike during…
Denmark windmill

Denmark Will Be 100% Renewable By Mid-Century

Denmark’s Energy Strategy 2050 contains initiatives aimed at reducing fossil fuel consumption 33% by 2020 and to achieve complete independence from fossil fuels…

Cisco Brings Smart Cities Within Reach

The concept of the smart city is one that holds a lot of promise and potential in terms of how computerized, networked public…

Look to College Campuses for Schooling on Nationwide Smart Grid

A nationwide smart grid is in the works but starting to stall out, making the goal of improved energy allocation across the U.S.…

IBM Joins EcoGrid EU Renewable Energy-Smart Grid Consortium

IBM's signing on as a member of EcoGrid EU, a consortium of companies that is planning a European Union (EU) smart grid that…

Curbside Recycling & Energy Management: The Gov’s Latest Tools of Oppression

Fountain Hills, a master planned community of roughly 25,000 in the mountains northwest of Scottsdale, Arizona, has well-appointed (if homogenous) homes and public…

Getting Trendy about the Smart Grid

Most of the time a trend or two should suffice, but when there is ten of them on the same subject, in this…
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