solar power

Read our latest stories on efforts to power homes and businesses with the sun’s rays.

Santa Barbara Pledges Transition to 100 Percent Clean Power

Santa Barbara's city council voted last week to commit to 100 percent renewables by 2030, making this coastal city of 92,000 the 30th…

Can the Sun Pay for Trump’s Border Wall?

Donald Trump says his border wall idea could be paid for by installing solar panels on it. The truth, however, is that the…

How Solar Technology Benefits Homeowners

Homeowners can now convert more sunshine into electricity, gather system electricity production information from afar, and even install productive solar systems on complicated…

Duke Energy-Backed Bill Takes Aim at Solar in North Carolina

If a state bill backed by Duke Energy should become law, it will mean a lot less competition in North Carolina's solar market.

Solar-Powered EV Charging Arrives in the San Joaquin Valley

Local officials touted the launch of an extensive solar-powered electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the San Joaquin Valley. But is this money well…

Clean Energy Employs Almost 10 Million People Worldwide

According to IRENA, 9.8 million people work in the global renewables sector as of the end of 2016. Solar power has driven much…

France Moves Forward with 17 GW of Clean Energy Investments

France has announced a large investment in renewable power projects, suggesting the country will start a slow transition away from nuclear power, which…

Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles Make Waves for Aesthetics and Affordability

Tesla says its solar roofing tiles are ready for market -- and promises quite a payoff over the life of these next-gen solar…

Tesla’s Mounting Challenges Include SEC Inquiry and EV Rivals

Tesla is facing more challenges -- including a disappointing quarterly financials report, another SEC investigation, and new startup competitors in the electric car…

Tesla and Panasonic Introduce Sleeker Solar Panels

Tesla and Panasonic introduced a new line of solar panels that practically blend in with the typical roof - gone are those boxy…

Creative Ways to Make Solar Pay Back for Commercial Buildings

Local permitting challenges and utility demand rates can lower the rate of return on a commercial solar project. But solutions abound!

Two Keys to Successful Commercial Solar

3p economic correspondent Bill Roth explains how utilities use demand charges to put a cloud over customer-owned solar power.

The Next Big Thing in Renewable Energy for Homeowners

Capacity for home energy-storage technologies continues to rise while costs go down. This will make solar a no-brainer for many families.

Residential Solar: Competition Can Create Confusion

Rather than increasing consumer confidence, competition among solar installers might be undermining sales.

Co-Ops Bring Solar to Hundreds Of Rural Communities

A Barack Obama-era solar energy program is helping hundreds of rural communities access low-cost solar through electricity co-ops.