Henry Paulson

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Weighs In on the Need for a Climate Tax

Speaking specifically about climate change, Henry Paulson, who served as Treasury Secretary during the George W. Bush administration, says: “This is a crisis…
Sokar tilt

Elon Musk’s Latest Innovation: Bonds Backed by Rooftop Solar Power

Elon Musk's SolarCity solar installation company has just become the first of its kind to offer bonds backed by rooftop solar panels.
solar panels2

Solyndra Fights Back Against China

Solyndra has now filed a lawsuit against three Chinese solar manufacturers alleging price fixing.
Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. Photo by Gage Skidmore, used with permission.

Republican Heroes of Renewable Energy

Three Republican governors have championed renewable energy in their states and supported its production to bring jobs to their regions.
Failure not trying

Are Venture Capital Funds Much Worse at Picking Winners Than the Government?

According to a new research from Harvard Business School about 75 percent of U.S. venture-backed start-ups fail to return investors' capital. On the…
Semprius opens new factory for tiny solar cells

DoE’s Bet on a Solar Winner

Semprius will open a new solar cell manufacturing facility in North Carolina to manufacture its pencil point-sized solar cells. The plant will create…
wind power

Wind Power Boom at Risk: 91,000 Jobs Blowin’ in the Wind

In 2011, 32 percent of all electric generation capacity added to the grid came from wind. However, much of that growth benefited from…

$10 Million in Prizes for America’s Next Top Model – Rooftop Solar Model, That Is

DOE's SunShot Grand Challenge Summit launches $10 million Afforadable Rooftop Solar Challenge, and $8 million for startups to reduce solar installation costs.
A123 Systems

Will A123 Systems’ New Battery Technology Save It From Becoming Another Solyndra?

A123 Systems' announcement on its new battery technology came just two weeks after the company warned that it may not be able to…
solar panels320

Does BrightSource’s Shelved IPO Spell Trouble for the Solar Sector?

Recent developments like solar power-plant developer BrightSource Energy shelving its IPO, or full-service solar provider SolarCity announcing this week its plans to go…

5 Reasons Why the U.S. Solar Industry Shouldn’t be Upset with BrightSource

The U.S. solar industry has experienced emotional ups and downs in the last two years that would exhaust even stronger industries. Here are…

Has the Clean Energy Boom Gone Bust?

Well, the vultures might be circling, but they might have to wait a while to pick the bones of the CleanTech industry, which…

The Real Solar War: US Manufacturers and Installers Fight Over Cheap Chinese Panels

There is a heated debate going on between people who are supposed to be on the same side of the aisle. Yet, when…

BP Moves Beyond Solar

On May 19, 1997, John Browne, then the CEO of BP, gave his famous ‘Climate Change: the New Agenda’ speech at Stanford, outlining…

US-Chinese Trade War on Solar Panels Killed Solyndra

As the bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Solyndra scrambled to find bidders for the company's assets, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s investigates the true…