Southwest Airlines: CSR & Sustainability News

Southwest Airlines Co. operates as a passenger airline that provides scheduled air transportation in the United States. As of December 31, 2010, the company operated 548 Boeing 737 aircraft and provided service to 69 cities in 35 states. The company was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.


How to Tell Stories That Enhance Your Brand

If you are a corporate responsibility communicator, “you are your CFO’s best friend. Because 30 percent of a company’s stock value is intangible;…

TriplePundit’s Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

To save you some time sifting through the ever-growing -- and often greenwashed -- list of "eco-products," this week we rounded up 15…
Southwest Heart One

Southwest to Fly with Forest Waste Biofuel

The airline’s recent agreement with Colorado’s Red Rock Biofuels will have a double benefit: The low carbon renewable jet fuel — made using…
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Southwest Airlines Upcycles 43 Acres of Plane Interior

Southwest Airlines' latest project-- LUV Seat: Repurpose with Purpose-- is a multi-phase sustainability program that partners with social enterprises in Nairobi, Kenya; the…
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Airline Industry Shaves Weight to Save Money

The automobile industry has invested billions reducing the weight of their cars to reduce fuel consumption and they don't even have to lift…

Southwest’s New Initiative Expands the Airline From Place-Taking to Placemaking

Southwest has undertaken to partner with Project for Public Spaces in a new ”placemaking” program called Heart of the Community. The program works…
Shamu One

Southwest Airlines in Hot Water Over Seaworld Blackfish Controversy

Southwest Airlines has always done a good job listening to customers. Will they alter their relationship with SeaWorld in light of recent protests…
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More Brands Dump Sustainable Forest Initiative’s Paper Certification Program

On Wednesday, ForestEthics announced more major brands have moved away from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) paper products certification program.
These women perform proverbial miracles inside their companies every day. Do you recognize them?

35 Female CSR Leaders You’ve (Possibly) Never Heard Of

Men earn nearly 20% more than women among those at the top of the sustainability profession. But there are many female CSR leaders…

Interview: Marilee Mcinnis, Senior Manager, Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a company with an excellent reputation for employee satisfaction, proactive integrated GRI reporting, and an agressive commitment to fuel and…

Southwest Airlines’ Cabin Experience Evolves in a Sustainable Direction

Long known as a company not afraid to think out of the box, Southwest Airlines, one of the most successful airlines operating today,…

New Air Traffic Control System to Cut Millions of Tons of CO2

A few weeks back we ran a piece about how UPS was using advanced logistics to reduce energy consumption and emissions while cutting…

Clorox Embraces Integrated Reporting and Why You Should Care

The concept of integrated reporting (IR) has been around for awhile but only recently are companies beginning to embrace it. According to the…
One of Southwest's 737 airplanes

Southwest Takes Off With Fuel Saving Landing Program

Southwest recently implemented an enhanced landing system at 11 airports. Called the Required Navigation Performance (RNP) program, both dispatchers and pilots use technologies…

Southwest Announces New “Green Plane”

Truly sustainable planes with alternative fuel or higher efficiency may still be many, many miles away, but Southwest seems to be have introduced…
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