Steve Jobs


Apple’s Year in Review

No matter how you look at it, this was a hectic year for Apple from a sustainable point of view. Time and again,…

The First Rule Of Futureproof Brands

Know yourself, know your target. Sounds like a simple enough rule for building a strong brand. But you'd be surprised how many brands…
N:A Inc

Hey Apple, Where’s Your Soul?

Apple has successfully wedged themselves into the palms (and wallets) of millions of people. But where do they exist in the hearts of…
Steve Tributes

Faceless: What The Loss Of Steve Jobs Means For Apple’s Brand

There can never be a replacement for Mr. Jobs, but with him goes a key marketing advantage for Apple. As the dust settles…

A Labor Day Reflection on Economic Recovery: Maybe it’s not About Jobs, but About Making Love Visible

By Jeff Klein While I intended to post a piece on Conscious Culture this week, given that this is Labor Day weekend and…

Leading with Purpose: The Steve Jobs Way

Apple has been in the news a lot lately. Last month, it released new Macbooks and an iPhone 4 for Verizon.  On the…

Who Are The Top Ten “Sustainable” CEOs?

A Harvard Business Review article just listed 50 ‘best performing’ CEOs. Not surprisingly the authors based their evaluation on shareholder value creation. This…

Greening Your Gigabytes: Apple Introduces the World’s Greenest Family of Notebooks

With all of the time and energy we expend using computers, it makes sense that developing energy efficient alternatives should be a high…
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