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On Algae Bloom, Obama Tells Florida: You Figure It Out

Florida’s Treasure Coast has become inundated with algae blooms. After resisting federal regulations that could have prevented the problem, Florida politicians are asking…

Berkeley Takes on the Sugary Drink Industry

The sugary drink industry continues to get a bad rap. Blamed for promoting obesity, diabetes and bad eating habits, sugar-sweetened sodas are now…
Corn Syrup

Even Corn Syrup Officials Call Attempted HFCS Rebranding “Dishonest and Sneaky”

New documents show the Corn Refiners Association thought the rebranding of high fructose corn syrup as "corn sugar" was a bit of a…
vitamin w

Coca-Cola Sued Over Sugar-Laden vitaminwater

Coca-Cola is being sued over their advertising campaign that holds vitaminwater up as a healthy drink (which it isn't). The beverage giant's surprising…

The Environmental Impact of “Too Much Sugar”

Today I read an excellent article by Tom Laksawy in Grist about the amount of sugar in kids’ cereal. The Environmental Working Group…

Three Popular Children’s Cereals Contain More Sugar Than a Twinkie

An Environmental Working Group (EWG) review of 84 popular cereal brands found that three popular children’s cereals contain more sugar than a Twinkie.…
High fructose corn syrup tanker, courtesy Wiki Commons

High Fructose Corn Syrup Lawsuit Goes Another Round

On October 21, U.S. District Judge Consuelo B. Marshall ruled against the corn industry with two opinions stating the lawsuit against corn processors…
Sugar cane growing in Pernambuco state, Brazil

Coca Cola Moves Towards Sustainably Sourced Sugar in Brazil and Beyond

Yesterday the world’s first standard for sustainably sourced sugarcane production launched in Brazil, the result of efforts between WWF, Coca-Cola, and Bonsucro.

Sweetener Wars: Real Difference or Just Corporate Sweet Talk?

Dr. Pepper, in response to perceived consumer demand and in celebration of its 125th anniversary, is now offering a throwback version of its…
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