SunShot Initiative


DOE Helps Military Vets, Native Americans Go Solar

The Department of Energy is zooming in on U.S. military veterans and Native Americans as the Obama administration continues its effort to spur…
Pendleton solar training

Marines Seek Second Career in Solar

The Marines at Camp Pendleton are the first crop of an expected 200 transitioning service members taking advantage of the pilot phase of…
Fraunhofer CSE plug and play PV system

A True ‘Plug-and-Play’ PV System is Closer Than You Think

The Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems just demonstrated a new plug-and-play photovoltaic system that takes the guesswork out of solar ownership.

SunShot Helps Bay Area Startups Drive Down Solar Costs

DOE awarded $53 million in SunShot funding for 40 innovative projects that promise to help drive the costs of solar further towards SunShot's…

Public-Private Collaboration Yields Potential Solar Silicon Game-Changer

Crystal Solar's new method for fabricating solar silicon wafers holds the promise of nudging the price of installed solar power under $1 per…

Do Perovskites Hold the Keys to Ubiquitous Solar Energy?

The U.S. DOE recently announced $10 million in R&D funding that includes exploring the use of pervoskites as a CSP molten salts energy…
Ali Zaidi

Crowdsourcing and CSP Energy Storage Headline DOE Push to Achieve SunShot Goals

Last week was a busy and eventful one for the solar energy industry as market participants from across the U.S., and around the…
advantages of solar energy

Cost of Installed Solar Power is Sinking Like a Stone

If you're thinking of installing solar panels on your property, the cost dropped significantly in 2011, going into 2012, compared to 2010 prices.

$10 Million in Prizes for America’s Next Top Model – Rooftop Solar Model, That Is

DOE's SunShot Grand Challenge Summit launches $10 million Afforadable Rooftop Solar Challenge, and $8 million for startups to reduce solar installation costs.
DOE funds plug and play solar power research

DOE Seeks Plug and Play Solar Power in Five Years

U.S. Department of Energy launches $25 million, 5-year initiative to get low cost plug-and-play solar system into the mass consumer market.

U.S. Green Building Council Launches New LEED Apps

The U.S. Green Building Council has just launched a new app service that should help make it easier for builders to get the…
SUNPATH, a new program of the SunShot initiative, to manufacture solar panels in U.S.

SunShot: $50 Million Closer to Cheap Solar Power and Green Jobs, Too

The Obama administration has been focusing on federal solar energy policies that create new green jobs, and the new SunShot initiative could turn…