Sustainable Supply Chain

Greening the Supply Chain

Green businesses are under increasing pressure these days to demonstrate that the supply chain they manage for the production and distribution of goods is just as sustainable and dependable as the products and services they sell.

Even companies that didn’t start out with an eye on sustainability are now taking steps to demonstrate that they support a reduced carbon footprint in all facets of their industry.

Burger King Accused of Causing Deforestation Across Latin America

Burger King’s global supply chain, especially soy producers, can be linked to deforestation across Bolivia and Brazil, says the NGO Mighty Earth.

RSPO: Sustainable Palm Oil is Growing Worldwide

When it comes to making sure all palm oil is certified sustainable, "We won’t get there with boycotts of palm oil or by…

Oscars 2017: Purpose on the Red Carpet with Julia Ormond and PwC

This year — in a departure from the typical "what are you wearing?" awards coverage — PwC plans to highlight the causes that…

Kashi Doubles Down On Transitional Organic Agriculture

The transitional agriculture protocol allows farmers to slowly transition to organic while charging slightly more for their wares. After releasing its first Certified…

Ag Commodities Giant Agrees to Stop Deforestation in Africa

This week, the NGO Mighty reached an agreement with Olam to stop deforestation for palm oil and rubber development across its land concessions…

HP Pledges to Slash Emissions 25 Percent by 2025

The computer hardware giant HP plans to aggressively reduce its greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade. And that's not all.

Zero Waste: Ethical Investment and Innovation That Saves Money

Zero waste seems like a heady topic, but more and more companies are taking it on as a practical business strategy. How can…

Trump Administration Poised to Rescind SEC Conflict Minerals Rule

According to a leaked draft of a presidential directive, Donald Trump is ready to order the Securities and Exchange Commission to pull the…

UPS to Boost Onsite Solar By 500 Percent This Year

UPS plans to invest $18 million in solar installations this year, increasing its onsite solar power generation capacity fivefold.

The Dawn of a Carbon Negative Future is Near

As innovative startups find new ways to repurpose waste carbon, the physical manifestation of a carbon negative world is beginning to emerge.

Make the Most of All Your Company’s Assets

No successful company gets very far in the world by squandering its assets. This idea seems obvious enough, but considering the fact that…

RSPO Touts Progress on Sustainable Palm Oil, But Critics Aren’t Buying It

In its most recent impact report, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) claims the industry has made “tremendous progress” on improving ethics…

‘Climate Saving’ Companies Build a Framework for Progress

WWF launched the Climate Savers Program in 1999 as a platform for corporate leadership in climate action. Nearly 20 years later, its members…

Apple to Launch a 200 Megawatt Solar Project in Nevada

Apple plans to partner with state utility NV Power to install an additional 200 megawatts of solar energy in northern Nevada.

FDA: Antibiotic Use in Farm Animals Is Still Increasing

Considering all the pledges by food companies to serve antibiotic-free meat, you would expect antibiotic use in livestock to be in decline. But…