Sustainable Supply Chain

Greening the Supply Chain

Green businesses are under increasing pressure these days to demonstrate that the supply chain they manage for the production and distribution of goods is just as sustainable and dependable as the products and services they sell.

Even companies that didn’t start out with an eye on sustainability are now taking steps to demonstrate that they support a reduced carbon footprint in all facets of their industry.

U.S. Companies Tackle Hydrogen Economy Bottleneck

The U.S. Energy Department is devoting millions to accelerating the hydrogen economy, with new private-sector R&D programs based on hydrogen recovery from ammonia.

The High Environmental Cost of Fast Fashion

Greenpeace Germany analyzed the environmental cost of fast fashion -- and the results aren't pretty.

UPS Rolls Out Electric-Assist Tricycle for Holiday Deliveries

UPS continues to test the use of e-assist bikes and trikes to serve city neighborhoods. This December, Portland residents may spot one of…

Remake: Making Fast Fashion Uncool

By humanizing the women who make our clothes, Remake is looking to mobilize consumers to move beyond boycotts and vote with their wallets.

Apparel Companies Still Have an Abysmal Record on Forced Labor

The NGOs Humanity United and the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre recently issued a report that is pessimistic about the global apparel…

Now More Than Ever, We Need Global Solidarity for Sustainability

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals address the major sustainability challenges of today and are the right causes to rally around, explains GRI Deputy…

How Bonded Labor Fuels India’s Garment Industry

Bonded labor has become common across India's garment sector, as suppliers seek to keep costs down in a hyper-competitive industry. Within this sector,…

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Pairs a Legacy Company with a Startup

Startup Nikola Motor Co. revs up legacy trucking firm Ryder's transition to a low-carbon business model, with big plans for hydrogen fuel cell…

3p Weekend: How You Can Help Stamp Out Modern-Day Slavery

While those of us in the Western world tend to think of slavery as a thing of the past, that couldn't be further…

Packaging the Circular Economy: A Holistic Approach to Stuff

Much of today's circular economic thinking is stuck in the same old linear models: reuse, recycle, recover, dispose. It's time for a change,…

Forklifts Powered By Hydrogen Get a Thumbs Up From Toshiba

These forklifts powered by renewable hydrogen fuel cells could provide an R&D platform that gives fuel cell electric vehicles an edge in the…

Why Corporations Set Internal Carbon Prices

Businesses are coming to realize the strategic value in imposing an internal carbon price. Here's why.

Fair Trade Gifts That Do Good

Fair Trade USA rounds up Fair Trade Certified gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Renewable Hydrogen Now On the Circular Economy Menu

Researchers around the globe are looking into food waste as a renewable source for zero-emissions hydrogen fuel. And a new circular economy pilot…

High-Fashion Brands Lag on Slavery in Supply Chains

These brands don't skimp on quality fabric and stitching, but that doesn't mean they take active steps to remove forced labor from their…