Sustainable Supply Chain

Greening the Supply Chain

Green businesses are under increasing pressure these days to demonstrate that the supply chain they manage for the production and distribution of goods is just as sustainable and dependable as the products and services they sell.

Even companies that didn’t start out with an eye on sustainability are now taking steps to demonstrate that they support a reduced carbon footprint in all facets of their industry.

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A true circular economy is still a long way off. But forward-thinking companies are inching closer to making it a reality. Read on…

Zara Launches Sustainable Fashion Line for Fall

Zara launched a new fashion line for autumn it says “embraces a woman who looks into a more sustainable future.”

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Free TVs Can’t Mask Human Rights Violations in Uzbekistan Cotton Fields

Gather five tons of cotton and score a free television, says a regional government in eastern Uzbekistan. The BBC reported on the headline-grabbing…

5 Ways Companies Can Save the Planet With Plastic Alternatives

Every company, no matter how small, has a responsibility to make "green" mainstream, says Ryan Williams of Method.

Seafood from Slavery Still a Crisis, but Technology Can Help

Last year, an Associated Press investigation revealed endemic slavery throughout the seafood supply chain in Southeast Asia. Two AP reporters shared their experience…

Bonn Challenge a Huge Opportunity for Both Forests and Business

The Bonn Challenge, a global effort to restore and conserve the world’s forests, was at center stage in Honolulu during this week’s IUCN…

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Greenpeace Taps Big Data and Collaboration to Halt Deforestation

Greenpeace worked with private companies to develop a big-data approach that can identify the world’s most valuable forests.

Deforestation from Palm Oil Production Continues to Spread in Indonesia

Despite zero-deforestation pledges, some palm oil companies continue with deforestation and the denial of human rights in Indonesia, say a group of environmental…

Consumers Spoke, Big Food Listened: How the Food Market is Changing

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U.S. Foodservice Companies Dish Out Sketchy Seafood

Foodservice companies supply a wide array of clients, from Disney World to Walmart to the U.S. Congress. So, how are they stacking up…

Coca-Cola Sets High Bar For Water Conservation

Coca-Cola just released a water conservation report that should encourage other Fortune 500 companies to get their water act together, too.

Feds to Suppliers: Disclose Your GHG Emissions

The General Services Administration, which functions as Washington D.C.’s chief procurement office, will soon require its suppliers to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions.