Sustainable Marketing Blog Fall 2011: Presidio Graduate School

Sustainable Development: Local to Global 2011: Presidio Graduate School

Founded in 2003, Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, CA, is dedicated to developing business and civic leaders with the competencies and courage to create a sustainable future. Presidio Graduate School was among the first and remains one of the only schools in the country offering MBA, MPA, and Executive Certificate programs in Sustainable Management and Sustainable Leadership. An affiliate of Alliant International University, Presidio Graduate School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

TriplePundit has partnered with Presidio's Masters in Public Administration curriculum to present "Sustainable Development: Local to Global." This class introduces issues of governance, citizen participation, organizational change, networks, and scarcity by exploring institutions, policies, organizations structures, stakeholders, and infrastructures. Student posts are intended to spark discussions around development and public policy in all areas of government.

The articles on this page are authored by MPA students enrolled in the Fall 2011 semester. Please don't hesitate to leave comments, or contact Presidio Graduate School directly if you have questions.

We Need Political Collaboration to Fix Our Transportation Infrastructure

It’s time for citizens and politicians to treat each other like adults. With all the talk of failing politics in Washington, and the birth of new political movements over the past few years, conditions are ripe for increased citizen engagement. This piece recommends diversifying transportation modes as a way to begin reuniting Americans.

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Let’s Occupy School Lunch

Congress is letting our children down by bowing to Big Food’s demands by blocking important reforms to the school lunch program. It’s time to occupy our citizens’ rights and demand more.

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Coffee, Tea or Guayakí: A World Challenge Finalist


Guayakí, the yerba mate and energy drink company, is more than a beverage company; it is a social enterprise with a mission to protect and restore South American rainforests and native communities. Guayakí has been chosen as a finalist in the BBC World News and Newsweek’s World Challenge. Check out Guayakí’s entry video as well as the videos from the other finalists.

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Chinese Factory Riots Show Solar Isn’t Always Sustainable

That's a lot of mad workers!

Recent riots at a solar panel factory in China should be seen as a dire reminder to the international business community and political caste that sustainability is a three-legged stool that grows very unstable when the social leg is ignored.

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Sustainability Movement is in Dire Need of Minority Outreach


The environmental movement is, and has been, well aware of the fact that it needs to work on increasing ethnic, age, and income diversity. Mark Tercek, the CEO of The Nature Conservancy, contemplates in his April 7th Huffington Post Green article a study in which EPA officials challenge the movement to become more racially diverse.

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Contaminated “Tule Fog” is Making a Mess of California’s Central Valley


Five months out of the year, from November thru March, the California Central Valley experiences a mix of airborne toxins that exacerbate an otherwise natural phenomenon known as Tule Fog: This breathable toxic soup contains the product of ‘development’, such as diesel emission particles (DEP), ammonia, methane, pesticides, herbicides, and other particulate matter trapped in fog.

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