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Target Inches Closer to Selling 100 Percent Sustainable Seafood

Target is edging closer to 100 percent sustainable seafood, due to close work with its environmental partner, FishWise.
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Seafood from Slavery Still a Crisis, but Technology Can Help

Last year, an Associated Press investigation revealed endemic slavery throughout the seafood supply chain in Southeast Asia. Two AP reporters shared their experience…
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AP: Hawaiian Seafood Industry Rife with Human Rights Abuses

An Associated Press investigation revealed that hundreds of undocumented fishermen in Hawaii are working in conditions that go beyond human rights abuses and…

U.S. Foodservice Companies Dish Out Sketchy Seafood

Foodservice companies supply a wide array of clients, from Disney World to Walmart to the U.S. Congress. So, how are they stacking up…
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How a Hudson Valley Entrepreneur is Transforming the Shrimp Industry

Eco Shrimp Garden's first project contains scores of indoor pools where shrimp are raised inside a retrofitted mattress factory in the town of…
Maine lobsterman Lisa Moore with a sample of farmed Kelp.

Maine Fisheries’ Latest Sustainable Catch: Kelp!

“Fishermen know the water, they have boats, and they are business-minded,” said Dick Clime, a project developer for the Fisheries Project at Coastal…

Warmer Temperatures Are Impacting Fish in North American Waters

Even the small warming we've experienced due to climate change is having significant impacts on how fish, says the U.S. Geological Survey.
(c) World Animal Protection/Rachel Ceretto. A monk seal in Hawaii.

Sustainable Seafood is a Global Responsibility – and Opportunity

Finding and implementing global, sustainable solutions to the ghost fishing gear problem is an opportunity to shape a better future for marine industries…
Greenpeace flies the A.E. Bates thermal airship over Walmart's world headquarters one day before the company's  annual shareholders meeting with messages reading "Save Oceans Protect Workers" and "Walmart Cleanup Needed in the Tuna Aisle." Greenpeace is asking the world's largest retailer to stop buying tuna from Thai Union Group to stop ocean destruction and human rights abuses of workers in the global tuna trade.

Op-ed: Walmart’s Lousy Worker Policies Extend from Shelves to Sea

Reps from Greenpeace and the United Food and Commercial Workers union explain why those organizations are driving a recent campaign against Walmart over…
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Could Omega-3s from Algae Save the World’s Oceans?

TerraVia, formerly known as Solazyme, announced that it is entering the aquaculture sector with an algae-based feed product that it says can help…
An net-pen aquaculture farm in Norway.

Feeding The Animals We Eat: Fish Farming vs. Land Farming

We need more sustainably-raised and nutritious food, and aquaculture is certainly poised to contribute meaningfully to our future food needs. Here, Scott Nichols…
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How 3-D Ocean Farming Can Save the Seas

Inspired in part by University of Connecticut research, Long Islander Bren Smith shifted away from culling oysters and is now recognized as a…

Greenpeace: Tuna Recalls Aren’t Big Enough

Bumble Bee is recalling more than 31,000 cases of chunk light tuna after a malfunction left the cans partially cooked. Two other companies…
It can be near impossible to accurately identify the species of fish present in a product from sight alone, as shown by these two battered fillets of Atlantic cod (left) and Pangasius (Pangasianodon hypothalamus) (right).

Fishy Business: Tackling Seafood Fraud

Scientists have identified seafood as being affected by widespread, modern-day food fraud. A 2016 study comparing 51 studies, accounting for 4,500 seafood samples,…

Seafood Origin Scrutinized Under Proposed U.S. Rules

A new federal program would scrutinize the origin of seafood caught outside the United States. The intent is to limit fraud and protect…