The MBA Series

How Today’s Students Become Tomorrow’s Sustainable Leaders

MBA students and graduates have always been key members of the 3p community – both as readers and writers. That’s because many of the themes and issues in sustainable business that we cover every day are core themes in the classrooms at the world’s most prominent sustainable MBA programs. Today’s students bring fresh new ideas to the sustainability challenges faced by today’s businesses.

Now we want to hear more directly about how sustainability is being taught. In this new series, we hear directly from the administrators and academicians at these schools.


MBA Students Promote Sustainability Through University Procurement

A partnership forged by the Penn State Smeal MBA program and university procurement services serves as an educational model that allows students to…
Shanghai World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower obscured by smog

What China Teaches Us About Environment and Economy

China's air quality has a direct impact on the country's GDP. Isn't this a sustainability issue?
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Will the Real Sustainability Leader Please Stand Up?

A sustainable leader must provide for more than just incremental change.
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Sustainable Business Strategy in an Experientially Diverse Classroom

Sustainable business strategy is not just for MBA students - many classes have a mix of student disciplines. Dr. Deborah Rigling Gallagher of…
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Fostering Sustainability in Higher Education: University of Texas at Arlington

UT Arlington is one of the three universities in the U.S. to publish a GRI report. Throughout the campus, the school has many…
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Strategic Sustainability: Introducing the Value Web

The Value Web is a framework that makes sustainability strategic and surrounds an enterprise with an interlocking and self-reinforcing web of value, generating…
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Wanted: Triple Bottom Line Leaders

Joe Fusco, VP at Casella Waste Systems and board member for the UVM SEMBA, talks about integrating sustainability into his company and what…
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Making Sustainability a Human Imperative with a New MFA Program

The MFA Design for Social Innovation at SVA is working to make sustainability a human imperative by focusing on changing human systems instead…
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Sustainability in the Global Marketplace: Our Global Future in the Anthropocene

Business education that brings us towards a more sustainable world recognizes that collectively, human ideas are an infinite resource and human hope and…

Hurtling Toward a Nine Billion Head Count

Some say the world is on a one-way trip toward a nine billion population count by 2040, with no way to turn back.…

Sustainability in the Global Marketplace: Business-Almost-as-Usual?

When we talk about the mainstreaming of sustainability, we need to also ask if sustainability stands up to the global-equity test. At the…
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The Sustainability Leadership Opportunity: Are You a ‘Can Do’ Leader?

Education is a central driver for leadership to move from “can’t” to “can” and from problem to opportunity.
solar house

Three Market Insights into the Current State of Residential Solar PV

Solar is becoming more cost-effective as time goes on, while car costs are rising. How can the U.S. push ahead and capture and…
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Sustainable MBA Students Bring Passion and Knowledge to Their Education

It's 2013, and sustainability has moved into the mainstream as a critical lens through which business opportunities (and risks) can be viewed. Not…
dalian china

The World Economic Forum’s ‘Hottest Ideas’ for Climate Change are Tepid at Best

What do you get when you put four amazing climate intellects in a room and ask them for the “hottest” ideas to solve…