UPS: Investing in Innovative Technology Can Drive Sustainable Growth

Even as global political climates change, businesses are uniquely equipped to deliver innovative climate and efficiency solutions on a large scale, says Peter…

2016: Another Monumental Year for Clean Energy

The latest Sustainable Energy in America Report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows that the march toward a renewable energy future continues, unabated.

Life Beyond Lithium-Ion: New ‘Glass Battery’ Promises Longer EV Range

This energy storage breakthrough for electric vehicles is the result of an international research collaboration.

Transport Companies to Scott Pruitt: Hands Off Clean Diesel

A group of transportation companies and trade associations want to give EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt a piece of their mind.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Get a Boost from Tesla’s Elon Musk

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This Self-Driving Truck Startup Has a Place For Human Drivers

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Berlin’s Transport Secretary is Determined to Phase Out the Automobile

Berlin’s transportation secretary is determined to make the city even more bicycle-friendly, saying: “Whoever drives a car in Berlin has too much time."

Scientists Invent Hydrogen-Sucking Sponge For Fuel Cell EVs

The fuel cell EV of the future could sport a cluster of nanoscale sponges to store hydrogen more efficiently than typical compression systems.

Google and Uber Are In An Epic Legal Fight Over Self-Driving Car Technology

Waymo, which develops self-driving cars for Google's parent company, accused Uber of patent infringement, unfair competition and stealing trade secrets. Does the case…

Elon Musk Slams Criticism of Tesla Working Conditions, Promises Fun and Frozen Yogurt

Last week, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk hit back hard at allegations of unsafe working conditions at the company’s assembly plant in Fremont,…

As Uber Reels, Lyft Makes a Big Push in the Midwest and Northeast

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Watch Out, Uber and Lyft: Google’s Waze Takes On Ride-Sharing

Google’s traffic navigation app Waze plans to expand and take on ride-sharing giants Uber and Lyft. But don't expect drivers to use it…

Automakers Tout Sustainability, But Want to Roll Back Emissions Standards

Automobile companies are quick to tout their sustainability credentials, including more electric vehicle rollouts. But they also want the Donald Trump administration to…

3 Signs the Hydrogen Economy is For Real

Despite Elon Musk's famous put-down of hydrogen fuel cell technology, three powerful nations are growing the market for fuel cells.

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