Ambitious Student Project Targets Renewable Hydrogen For Fuel Cell EVs

Award-winning students from Washington State University are developing a low-cost, innovative hydrogen fueling station for fuel cell electric vehicles.

Forklifts Powered By Hydrogen Get a Thumbs Up From Toshiba

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Will Trump Policies Kill The Electric Car?

While the Trump administration appears bearish on climate and air pollution action, market forces still favor growth in the EV market, albeit slow.

Latest Hydrogen Breakthrough Trips Up Trump’s Coal Promise

Campaign promises aside, a breakthrough in renewable hydrogen research further demonstrates the futility of trying to bring coal jobs back to the U.S.

Have We Reached Peak Gasoline?

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New Jaguar EV Challenges Tesla on Sustainable Performance

Jaguar-Land Rover's new I-PACE electric vehicle comes with a high-performance reputation and a sustainability edge.

Volkswagen Plans Massive Job Cuts

VW plans to cover fines related to its emissions fiasco with the money it'll save on employment and pensions. The move also signals…

Ford Sets Aggressive Goals For Water Savings

Back in 2000, Ford invested in a fact-finding mission to save water -- and money along with it. The automaker saved 10.6 billion…

Tesla’s Bold Vision to Vertically Integrate Clean Energy

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Bicycles Are Good for Business, Your Body and the Planet

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At BSR 2016, Business Leaders Make the Case for Climate Action

Climate action is no longer about philanthropy or social responsibility; it is good business sense, company executives said at the BSR conference in…

The Lifecycle Impact of Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are billed as an environmentally-friendly alternative to our ordinary methods of transportation. But their impact depends heavily on where you do…

Columbia Scientist Discovers Plastic-Based Energy Storage Solution

Smaller, lighter, cheaper electric vehicle batteries could result from a new manufacturing process that eliminates an energy storage "hiccup."

Materials Innovation Leads to More Sustainable Products

Material science plays an increasingly significant role in product development as businesses focus on sustainability.

Fewer Than 18 Percent of People Have Flown: What Happens Next?

As incomes rise and the global middle class expands, the remaining 82 percent of the world who have yet to step foot on…