Triple Bottom Line

Understanding People, Planet & Profit for Responsible Business

The Triple Bottom Line – the core of what we cover here at TriplePundit considers the social, environmental and financial performance of an organization. At it’s core, triple bottom line thinking ties the social and environmental impact of an organization’s activities to its economic performance.

Although all of TriplePundit’s articles attempt to address the systemic thinking that underlines the triple bottom line, the articles on this page have been chosen specifically for their more direct approach to the issue.

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TVA Settles on Clean Air Violations

A settlement between the Environmental Protection Agency and the Tennessee Valley Authority will resolve alleged Clean Air Act infractions at 11 TVA coal-fired…

The EPA and Sustainability: The Re-Branding of an Agency

This post is part of a blogging series by marketing students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here.…
Sun Earth magnetic connection

The Strong Connection between Social Responsibility and Quality

This post comes courtesy of our friends at ASQ in advance of the Pathways to Social Responsibility Conference June 16–17, 2011, in San…

Why Small Business is Beautiful

by: Ronald C. Weston, AIA, LEED AP In his seminal 1973 book titled “Small is Beautiful,” the late economist and author E.F. Schumacher,…
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Positive Change, One Flip-Flop at a Time

By Alison I. Somilleda Feelgoodz™, an environmentally and socially conscious flip-flop company based in New Orleans, LA, is redefining the concept of corporate…

Pressing Starbucks to Follow Through on Recycling Commitments

By Conrad MacKerron, Senior Program Director, As You Sow How would you feel if a company publicly promised to reduce reliance on disposable…

TransAlta Coal Plant to Close, But Don’t Hold Your Breath

TransAlta, the last operating coal-fired plant in the Pacific Northwest, is shutting down, but not until 2025 under a deal brokered by Washington…

Ivory Coast Politics Put Chocolate Farmers’ Livelihoods at Risk

Volatility in the chocolate market has increased the price of commodities, but has it increased the revenue of small-scale cocoa farmers as a…

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Doesn’t Speak for All Businesses

By Janet Pomeroy One of the major themes in President Obama’s State of the Union speech was the need to maintain our economic…

5 Green Products to Watch in 2011-2012

By Elizabeth A. Weisser Innovating for sustainability brings with it exciting opportunities for businesses to grow their top-line sales and even evolve and…

The Universal Principles of Sustainable Development

By Terry Mock and Tony Wernke, SLDI Co-founders Follow Terry and Tony on Twitter: Terry @SustainLandDev; Tony @Sustainable4U This article is Part 3…
Pass It Forward - The use of the SLDI Code sustainable development matrix does not express or imply endorsement by SLDI.

Like Life Itself, Sustainable Development is Fractal

Like life itself, sustainable development is built on a self-similar (but not identical) pattern that replicates itself on increasing and decreasing scales, based…

Leonardo da Vinci, Sustainability Sage

Historical Perspective – By Dr. Reese Halter Leonardo da Vinci, born in the middle of the 15th century, was the founder of modern…

The Sustainable Business Headlines We Didn’t See In 2010 #3pVOTE

Wishful thinking or manifesting destiny?  Here are three sustainable business stories we didn't see in 2010:

Boredom and The 3J’s: Jack, Jackson and Jesus

Boredom is a crucial part of restlessness; that uncomfortable place where we feel a gravitational pull to rearrange a current context, and from…