Stakeholder Engagement Via Twitter

TriplePundit Twitter Chats & Synopses

TriplePundit offers one-hour-long Twitter chats with organizations on their CSR and sustainability efforts reaching an average of more than 50,000 direct followers and hundreds of thousands of secondary followers through our traditional and social media channels. A Twitter chat is an ideal way to easily reach a highly engaged audience of stakeholders, receive valuable input and build your own Twitter following. Want to learn more? Contact us!


Twitter Chat Recap: Dow Chemical Co. Hosts Circular Economy Chat at #EnergyBag

Today, 3p, Neil Hawkins, Jeff Wooster and Andrew Winston came together for a Twitter Chat about the circular economy and the innovative #EnergyBag…

Twitter Chat Recap: Food & Sustainability Nexus, #FutureOfFood

Today, TriplePundit and Diplomatic Courier hosted Mars, Inc., IBM Research, The World Food Prize and National Geographic Magazine for a special Twitter Chat…

Twitter Chat Recap: International Youth Day; #SAPYouthChat

Today, TriplePundit, SAP and our esteemed guest panel came together for a special Twitter chat about International Youth Day at #SAPYouthChat.

Twitter Chat Recap: Green Electronics Council, #EmergingGreen

The Green Electronics Council, UL Environment, ER International & 3p came together for a Twitter Chat focused on electronics in the circular economy.

Twitter Chat Recap: Global Footprint Network at #USAfootprint

On Ecological Deficit Day, 3p hosted Earth Economics & Global Footprint Network for a Twitter Chat about the "State of the States" at…
Hormel Foods

RECAP: Twitter Chat with Hormel Foods – #Hormel3pChat

On June 5th, Hormel Foods engaged in special Twitter Chat with TriplePundit about a wide variety of sustainability topics at #Hormel3pChat.

Twitter Chat Follow-Up: Kimberly-Clark and WWF on Responsible Fiber Sourcing

Last month, TriplePundit hosted a Twitter chat with Kimberly-Clark and the World Wildlife Fund to talk about their collaboration to ensure responsible fiber…

Twitter Chat Follow-Up: Beer & Better World

Earlier this month, Anheuser-Busch InBev held a Twitter Chat with TriplePundit to share achievements from 2014 and answer your questions. Of course, everything…

RECAP – Twitter Chat: MGM Resorts International on Women’s Leadership

MGM Resorts International and TriplePundit held a special Twitter Chat on women in leadership today at #WomenLead. Here's what was covered!

Twitter Chat Follow-Up: Leveraging Technology for Sustainability

During our recent Twitter chat with HP, one participant asked, "What are the greatest areas of opportunity for sustainability and technology?" Gabi Zedlmayer,…

Twitter Chat RECAP: Anheuser-Busch InBev; #ABInBevBetterWorld

Today, TriplePundit and Anheuser-Busch InBev hosted a special Twitter Chat at #ABInBevBetterWorld to discuss AB’s Global Citizenship Report and progress.

Twitter Chat RECAP: Meet Yum! Brands at #3pYumChat

Today, Yum! Brands and TriplePundit hosted a special Twitter Chat about its environmental commitments – at #3pYumChat.

Twitter Chat RECAP: Kimberly-Clark & World Wildlife Fund, #RespFibers

Today, Kimberly-Clark, World Wildlife Fund and TriplePundit came together for a special Twitter Chat about responsible fiber sourcing procedures - at #RespFibers. Here's…
tweet-jam-HP-2015 (1)

Twitter Chat RECAP: #LivingProgress w/ HP’s Chief Progress Officer

To celebrate Earth Day, HP's Chief Progress Officer Gabi Zedlmayer joined TriplePundit for a special Twitter Chat on HP Living Progress at #LivingProgress.

Tackling the STEM Gap with Hacker Sarah Austin

In advance of today's Twitter chat about STEM Inclusion, I chatted with Sarah Austin (@sarahaustin), former SAP Hacker of the Year, Forbes 30…