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Could a Carbon Tax Cut Down on Corporate Inversions?

Marc Hafstead of the nonpartisan think tank Resources for the Future, along with Lawrence Goulder of Stanford University, have come up with an…
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640,000+ Favorable Comments on SEC Petition for Greater Corporate Political Transparency

In 2011, ten professors of law sent a petition to the SEC, urging it to require corporations to disclose all significant political spending…
Intel Headquarters in Santa Clara, California

Intel Continues Decade-Long CSR Reporting Run

Last week Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor maker by revenue, released its annual CSR report, a task it has completed faithfully since 2001.

US Chamber of Commerce: Shoot the Messenger Whatever the Cost

Bill McKibben wrote a piece last week in which he looks past the Koch brothers, who are finally getting the scrutiny they deserve,…

An Oily Voice at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

Last month, Congress announced it was preparing to increase the barrel tax on oil. Revenues would be used for future crises like the…

Cap-and-Trade: The Real Deal from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce may actually have a better idea than a cap-and-trade bill for cutting emissions. And, contrary to popular opinion,…