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Brexit Shows Trump Can Win Presidential Election in U.S.

Hate and fear can beat out good public policy. And it's scary as hell.
7th grader Jose Morga explains how his used a Dell Chromebook to design their experiment to test the composting ability of worms in space.

Dell, Google Technology Inspires Oakland Middle Schoolers

Students at Urban Promise Academy develop science experiments and learn to code with school laptops.
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SOCAP: Leaving an Impact After You’re Gone

Premal Shah, President of, summed up the week at SOCAP13: “If everything you do, you do for yourself, then when you die…

TEDxPresidio: Re-Inventing Capitalism

On Saturday, September 8th, 2012, a few hundred forward-thinking folks gathered at TEDxPresidio at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco to…

Getting to Know Van Jones and the New Economy

By Brian Back For someone who’s been accused of being a socialist, Van Jones sure does have a lot of capitalist ideas. Jones…

Why Don’t Republicans Support Obama’s Job Growth and Tax Cut Plans?

Obama's recent to-do list of job creation, tax credits for small businesses, cutting government red-tape and putting veterans to work is largely being…
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Q&A: Van Jones on Politics, Student Loans, and the Access Economy

Says Jones "There’s no reason that someone like Romney, who, on his best day comes across like Thurston Howell III, should wind up…
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Rebuild the Dream: Channeling Dr. Martin Luther King and Creating Green Jobs

How Van Jones channels Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his new book.

LinkedIn Aggregation Shows Green Jobs Surge Ahead in Recession

Despite the best wishes of those ideologically opposed, either for political reasons, or through ties to declining fossil fuel sector, or both, the…

Rebranding the American Dream Toward Community and Collaborative Consumption

The American Dream defines a nation obsessed with individual achievement at the price of an equitable society. But what if we are wrong?…

Van Jones on the American Dream 2.0

By Heather King Van Jones may have resigned his post as Obama’s green jobs czar, but he continues his crusade for a better…

The Real Payback on Green Job Training Programs

Analysts with no field experience can paint a very bleak picture of the green job market and related training programs. In reality, hard…

Top 10 Climate Capitalists of the 21st Century

By Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., Co-Author, Climate Capitalism One lucky 3p reader who retweets this article will receive receive a signed, hardback edition of…

Van Jones Comes Out Kicking Against Controversial California Ballot Proposition

Enter another high profile person lending his voice to speak in opposition to Proposition 23 which would overturn California’s 2006 Global Warming Solutions…

Are Green Jobs the Business of Government?

Given the collision of two crises, one economic and the other environmental, our leaders need to understand their priority both in terms of…