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Aero Farms technical-diagram

Vertical Farm Takes Food Production to New Heights

In the city of Newark, New Jersey, a company known as Aero Farms has decided to build a new $30 million corporate headquarters…

Irvine, California: Planning (Indoor) Agriculture for the 21st Century

Freelance blogger Jim Pantaleo has fond memories of youth in agricultural Irvine, California, a place which would soon morph into a bedroom community…
Warehouse Farm Company

From Skies to Soil: A Brief Review of Urban Farms

Over the last few years, the concept of the urban vertical farm has captured the imagination of many.
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The Economist Speculates on the Future of Vertical Farming

A recent Economist article asks the question of vertical farming, “Does it really stack up?”  In theory, it’s a win-win-win concept for the…
Rendering from Architects

Vertical Farms Realized: Growing Power Launches 5 Story Expansion

Vertical farms have been theorized about for years in media and by entrepreneurs but until now, nothing big has gotten off the drawing…

Gardens Grow Up: Are Vertical Landscapes the New Green Roofs?

Even if you’re not a gardener or urban planner, you’ve likely heard a thing or two about vertical gardens and/or vertical farming recently.…