Walmart: CSR and Sustainability News

Walmart Stores, Inc. operates retail stores in various formats worldwide. The company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962, incorporated on October 31, 1969, and publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange in 1972. It is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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  • CEO Marc Benioff took to Twitter on Thursday to express his outrage over Indiana's so-called "Religious Freedom Restoration Act." But his leadership goes beyond his company’s opposition to the law.
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  • Elvia Almachi, 32, holds a bundle of recently harvested Fair Trade-certified roses. Elvia has been working at Agrogana for 12 years, and has been part of the Fair Trade committee. She has two daughters, 9 and 12. Elvia and her husband Luis Alberto Villegas, also an Agrogana employee, both participate in the weekend adult school program paid by the Fair Trade Premium.
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Walmart Donates $500,000 Towards Urban Wildlife Protection

Urban wildlife conservation is a growing branch of conservation ecology with good reason. Due to increase in human encroachment on forest lands, more…
Bill Roth presenting at Milwaukee Green Builds Business program

Dispatch From Milwaukee: Successful Launch of “Green Builds Business” Entrepreneur Bootcamp

The American dream is being realized in Milwaukee. Local Hispanic business owners are designing and implementing green projects that will accelerate the restoration…

Walmart Grant Gives U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce a Green Business Initiative for its Members

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) received a grant from Walmart to conduct a city-by-city initiative tailored to Hispanic entrepreneurs and…
Yellow Grease

Rotisserie Chicken, Biofuel and Sam’s Club: Creative Sustainability

When Walmart established its lofty goal of eliminating all landfill waste generated by U.S. operations by 2025, managers were probably a little unsure…
Walmart Use of Solar Power

Interview: Jeff Rice On Walmart’s Green Supply Chain Best Practices

This post has been edited since it was first published. Jeff Rice, Director of Sustainability for Walmart, has a vision for his job…

Can “EcoDriving” Really Improve Fleet Efficiency?

By Pankaj Arora The concept of Ecodriving has been around for some time now. But has it managed to deliver any concrete and measurable…

Next on Green Tech Investors’ Radar: Food

Ari Partovi envisions a future where superstore employees grow food in greenhouses on roofs, cattle move from feedlots to carbon sequestration grass pastures,…

P&G’s Sustainability Scorecard Spreads a Wave of Green Down the Supply Chain

Procter and Gamble, having recently completed a one year pilot of their Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard is now rolling out a new version…
Walmart goes green, and not just some trucks.

Waste Diversion, Renewable Energy Among Highlights of Walmart’s 2011 Sustainability Report

Walmart just just released its 2011 Global Responsibility Report. Waste diversion and renewable energy initiatives that appear within some of the chain’s 8000…

Walmart – A Sustainability Enabler this Earth Day

By Matt Courtland In the spring of 2009 it happened. The Green Committee I founded and currently chair decided to utilize Walmart in…

Walmart Leaps into Regulation Hole on PBDE

Several weeks ago, Wal-Mart banned a flame retardant commonly found in toys, curtains, furniture, electronics, and other household goods. Although the flame retardant…
A Walmart in Missouri-soon have a zero-waste program?

Walmart Diverts 80% of its California Waste From Landfills

Last Thursday Walmart announced that it eliminated over 80% of its waste that otherwise would have ended up in landfills across California. The…

The Inherent Uncertainty in Certified Products

This article has been updated since it was first published. The following is part of the Crowds of Ratings series by our friends…

Video Interview: Collaborating with the EDF

Environmental issues are best solved in collaboration. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) partners with businesses, governments and communities to find practical solutions to environmental…

Brands Court the Considerable Influence of Mommy Bloggers

Brands are well-aware that women make 85% of consumer purchasing decisions. Moms, in particular, are targeted by companies wanting them to spend their family…