Waste Management: CSR & Sustainability News

Waste Management, Inc. is a waste management, comprehensive waste, and environmental services company in North America. Founded in 1894, the company is headquartered the First City Tower in Houston, Texas. Waste Management offers environmental services to nearly 20 million residential, industrial, municipal and commercial customers in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


Tom’s of Maine Partners with TerraCycle to Launch New Recycling Initiative

Tom's of Maine has partnered with TerraCycle to launch a recycling initiative to give a second life to product packaging with the launch…

L.A. Start-Up Provides Jobs for Ex-Offenders Through E-Waste Recycling

Social entrepreneurs bring together seemingly unlikely possibilities to create a business model that has real impact. Kabira Stokes, founder of Isidore Electronics Recycling is one such person…

Urban Mining: Billions in Precious Metals Discarded in Landfills

There's literally a treasure trove of precious metals and plastics waiting to be recycled in the growing mountains of e-waste accumulating in countries…

SC Johnson Studies Sustainable Consumer Behavior

SC Johnson is taking a radical new approach to sustainability by studying consumer behavior to figure out what makes people 'go green.'

Reduce Waste, Energy and Water – and Boost Your Bottom Line

Public companies are increasingly tracking earth-related metrics, from waste to water to carbon and energy. As a HIP investor, you will see improvements…

The Future Will be Couponized: A Conversation with Ian Yolles of Recyclebank

These are exciting times at Recyclebank. The company is moving ahead on several fronts, scaling up its recycling program through a partnership with…

GM Receives Award for Waste-Management Progress

General Motors received an award for its innovative approach to waste management.

Kraft Uses Stakeholder Engagement to Achieve Zero Waste in 36 Plants

Achieving zero waste seems to be the biggest goal with many food companies. Coca-Cola has done it. Kit Kat has done it, and…

Hasbro Pledges to Remove PVC From Its Products

Hasbro was one of the companies to drop Asia Pulp and Paper as their supplier recently. Now with the launch of their first…

The Windy City Challenge – A Case for Managed Competition

Chicago examines options for its recycling program By: Brent Tarnow The City of Chicago, despite its long history of dreadful recycling services, has…

Walmart’s UK Arm Saves $110 million Through CSR Initiatives

British supermarket chain, ASDA has learned a lot from its parent company, Walmart, to boost its sustainability ratings. Their CSR initiatives saw some…

Recyclebank Partners with London Agency to Reward Bikers and Walkers

Recyclebank’s rewards program is no less than a revolution in the household recycling market, providing people with monetary incentives to increase their recycling.…

General Motors Makes the Business Case for Recycling

General Motors has become a great example of the business benefits for recycling. The company announced that last year, they recycled 92% of…

UK Company Turns Used Diapers Into Roofing Material

UK-based company Knowaste claims that they are “world’s first provider of a recycling solution for nappies, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene (AHP) products” and I…

Belgian Company Leads the Way in Landfill Mining

Landfill mining is a rapidly growing area of waste management that is proving to be extremely profitable. About 50 miles east of Brussels,…