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Net Zero Lessons From A Wastewater Treatment Plant

New York City has set its sights on net zero energy for its wastewater treatment plants, demonstrating that net zero is a realistic…

New Mexico Sewage Farm May Help Provide Cleaner Water

Thanks to forward-thinking problem-solvers, we may be inching closer to a serious solution for the water problems plaguing our planet.
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Could Your Poop Turn into Gold?

Your poop could actually turn into gold, according to scientists exploring the feasibility of extracting metals from solid waste.
Energy Vision President Joanna D. Underwood (left) at the People's Climate March in New York City on Sunday.

Note to U.N. Climate Delegates: Don’t Forget Renewable Natural Gas

Natural gas critics and boosters alike are missing something important: the advent of a fuel called renewable natural gas (RNG), which is chemically…

Energy-Coffee Wastewater Project Delivers Multiple Benefits in Central America

Taking a holistic, integrated approach to tackle issues at the water-food-energy nexus, UTZ Certified is expanding its Energy from Coffee Wastewater Project from…
Wastewater plant gets new solar system.

How a Solar PPA Can Help Your Business Expand

Borrego Solar's new project for the City of Kerman provides clear demonstration of the benefits of a solar PPA.
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Wastewater Treatment Plant to Produce Electricity From Fuel Cells

Working in conjunction with Anaergia Services, a division of Anaergia, provider of biogas production systems, and Fuel Cell Energy, makers of molten carbonate…

New Water Treatment Process Could Help Bring Dead Zones Back to Life

Employing a new tertiary wastewater treatment process reduced levels of phosphorous and trace pollutants in urban wastewater effluent below EPA safe levels, researchers…

UN Calls Israeli Wastewater Treatment Plant ‘Exemplary’

The Israeli Dan Region Wastewater Treatment Plant was chosen by the UN as an exemplary project that demonstrates the ability of local authorities…
Northampton, MA, is struggling with wastewater.

Massachusetts Town Struggles With Coca-Cola’s Waste

A Cola-Cola plant in Northampton, MA, churns out wastewater at a rate that is becoming to expensive for the city's wastewater treatment facility…

The New GM: New Fuels, Less Waste, More Involvement with Detroit

From the development of new urban mobility technologies, waste diversion to a commitment to greener cars, the new GM going forward is a…

An Oregon Model for Sustainable Cities (and It Ain’t Portland)

Gresham, Oregon has made great strides in its drive to craft a model for sustainable cities. One key aspect of its success has…

Water Will Be the Critical Limiting Factor of 21st Century Production

Morgan Stanley’s Global Investment Committee recently released a report in which it argues that the “perfect storm” of declining water supply and rising demand…
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Wastewater Treatment & Clean Energy: Turning Negatives into Positives

Investment in combining clean energy and wastewater treatment is on the rise in the US, as public and private sector industry and businesses…
Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant, Brooklyn

NYC Closer to Turning Sewage into Energy

New York City still creates an excess of methane gas, half of which is still wasted because the city’s treatment plants burn them…