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Parched landscape in the Sonoran Desert, Mexico

Water Scarcity, the Next Business Challenge and Differentiator

Water stewardship is the next large hurdle now that many companies have tackled the low hanging fruit of increasing energy efficiency.

Calculating Water Footprints: How Much Water in Your Food?

The environmental impact of food production in terms of contribution to climate change is well documented. Fertilizer use, soil degradation, and transportation from…

Are Reusable “Paper” Towels the Next Eco-Conundrum?

This post is part of a blogging series by marketing students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here.…

How Much Water Did It Take to Make That Pint of Beer?

A recent report of the Water Futures Partnership, a collaboration between the SABMiller brewing company and the WWF, studies the water footprint at…

Why Water Isn’t the Next Carbon

By David Jay “Water is the next carbon” has become a go-to-soundbyte in the workshops and conferences I’ve been attending recently. But the…

A Human Right to Water and the Corporate Community

At this year’s Corporate Water FootPrinting Conference, held in San Francisco December 2-3, the ongoing conversation about the human right to water received…

No Water No Beer: Big Issues in Beverage Companies’ Water Footprints

At the 2nd Corporate Footprinting Conference, which took place this week in San Francisco, big brands in the beverage industry were front and…

Diving In: The Corporate Water Footprinting Conference

The second Corporate Water Footprinting Conference splashes down in San Francisco this December 2-3 and I’ll be there to report on how companies…

Is H2O the new CO2?

When it comes to urgent environmental crises, water is clearly in a class of its own. Few other issues have the same far-reaching…

Business Risk Related to Water – What’s Your Risk Exposure?

by Karen Losee According to Watching Water, A Guide To Evaluating Corporate Risks In A Thirsty World, a report issued by JP Morgan…
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