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Maine Lobstermen Cry ‘Foul’ Over Proposed Searsport Harbor Dredging

A proposed joint federal and state harbor dredging project in Maine has the potential to destroy Maine's robust lobster fishing industry. Other benthic…
Indian Pollution

Report: Pollution is the Leading Cause of Death in the Developing World

Pollution is the leading cause of death in low- and middle-income countries, according to a report from the Global Alliance on Health and…
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Chinese Court Clears the Way For Environmentalists to Bring Suit

The Chinese Supreme People’s Court just announced that it will reduce the court fees required for environmental groups to bring lawsuits against polluters,…

EPA’s Historic Coal Ash Disposal Rule Not Enough, Watchdogs Say

Today's institution of the first federal standards governing coal ash disposal mark a milestone, but they leave a lot to be desired if…
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New 12-State Task Force Aims to Shrink Gulf of Mexico ‘Dead Zone’ Down to Size

The Hypoxia Task Force will marshal the resources of federal, state and tribal agencies and land grant universities to curb nutrient runoff and…
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Upcycling Food Waste into Fertilizer: Q&A with California Safe Soil

You’ve heard of recycling leftover food scraps into a soil amendment for farms, but now a California startup is transforming food waste from…
Cigarette Butts

Bridgestone Arena Recycles Cigarette Butts with Help from TerraCycle

Despite a nearly 30 percent decline in cigarette smoking in the U.S. over the past decade, cigarette butts are still the most littered…
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The Impact of Chemicals in U.S. Waterways

Dangerous chemicals have been found in U.S. waterways ranging from ingredients found in anti-bacterial soap to cleaning products to cosmetics.
Pink dots incidate where water pollution in Iowa is at its worst (EWG)

Water Pollution in Iowa: Time for Business to Step Up

The Environmental Working Group released a report on Iowa's poor water quality. Businesses must step in and address the challenges of water pollution.

Nike Partners with Dutch Company to Foray Into Waterless Dyeing

I wrote about the innovative, waterless dyeing technique pioneered by a Dutch company, DyeCoo in August last year. It appears that Nike liked the…
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Why I’m Staking My Future on Holey Ground: a Story About Pervious Concrete

New dinner party fodder: talking points on Pervious Concrete! The best thing for your parking lot or driveway.

Coke and Pepsi on Damage Control – Cleaning up Their Water Image in China

Coca-Cola and Pepsi recently vowed to clean up their water use practices in China. Thing is, the vows weren’t exactly voluntary. Only after…