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5 Steps to Mitigate Water Risk and Manage Water Resources

E&Y offers key steps that companies should start taking to move to the next level of water risk mitigation – managing water risks…
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Southwest Rivers and Budgets are Both Drying Up

The projected, forthcoming water crisis in the Western states is a complicated issue and one in which water planners and conservation advocates have,…

It Takes 2700 Liters of Water to Make a T-Shirt

The growth, manufacturing, transporting, and washing of cotton uses huge amounts of water. Cotton farming is the largest consumer of water in the…
Surface drainage network draining farmlands in sandy-coastal plain areas (Western Australia)

Protecting Wetlands from Chemical Nutrients Helps Environment and Economy

When fertilizer chemicals (phosphorus and nitrogen) escape farm boundaries and enter waterways, they can end up in protected biodiversity hotspots such as wetlands…

How Patagonia, Levi Strauss Connect with Consumers Through Sustainability

One thread running through each company's sustainability journey is customer engagement - from idea generation to initiative roll-out to product end-of-life. Both Levi…
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Water Optimization Emerges as Prominent Theme at World Future Energy Summit

For the first time, water emerged as a prominent theme in the 6th annual World Future Energy Summit.

Interview: Linda Macpherson, CH2MHill on Water Reuse

Among the key challenges is communicating effectively with people why water reuse is not only important, but desirable clean and safe. I had…

Interview: Jacob Fontijne of DNV KEMA on Energy Efficiency

Rapid growth has begun to outstrip supplies of energy in the UAE and elsewhere in the region - a problem for sure, but…

Masdar’s Renewable Energy Desalination Plans Take Off

The company, with as-yet-unamed partners, has launched a pilot project to build the world's first large scale, commercially viable desalination plant powered completely…

The Year Ahead: Environmental and Sustainability Hotspots in 2013

Dr. Andrew Steer, President and CEO of World Resources Institute (WRI), identifies six hotspots – topics that will dominate headlines in the coming…
Water Innovation Summit

4 Key Takeaways From Cleantech Group’s Water Innovation Summit

Why we should make sure water crises are not wasted, how water becomes the Achilles' heel of fracking, the need to focus on…
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Solutions at the Confluence of Energy and Water

Water is energy-intensive, and energy is water-intensive. This resource yin and yang is at the heart of both challenges and solutions. Planning for…
Mim, a nine-year-old boy, regularly faces a walk of about two miles to collect drinking water for his family. Image credit: Oxfam International

A View From The Field: Addressing The Water-Energy-Poverty Nexus

Much of today’s conversation addressing the increasingly important connection between water and energy is focused on solutions applicable to urban centers and developed nations. ​But…
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Energy And Water Nexus

This energy-water crisis relates to nearly all of the present and future environmental problems confronting our planet – from climate change to fossil…
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Why AT&T and Environmental Defense Fund Are Working To Reduce Water Use

AT&T's Director of Sustainability Operations talks about why he's watching his water footprint.