Wendy’s and Subway Are Saying Hello To Cage-Free Eggs

Two more companies recently announced they will transition their egg supply chains to cage-free systems and away from cruel confinement systems.

Wendy’s Eases Into Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Wendy’s is testing antibiotic-free chicken products in Orlando and Gainesville, Florida, Kansas City, Missouri, and Austin, Texas. During the test period, the fast…

Is Wendy’s Dropping Soda From Its Kid’s Menu?

Wendy’s is reportedly is dropping soda from its kid’s menu.

Shell and BP Halt Opposition to Renewable Fuel Standard

The renewable fuel standard (RFS), legally requires that gasoline producers include a minimum percentage of ethanol in every gallon sold, an amount that…
eating a double cheeseburger at McDonald's

Cutting Calories is Good for Business

The Hudson Institute published a new study that makes the business case for offering low-calorie foods and beverages in restaurant chains. It shows…
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Wendy’s Denies Using Pink Slime, Ever

On Friday Wendy's ran advertisements in eight major American newspapers that state pink slime was never used in its products.

Wendy’s Requires Pork Suppliers to Phase Out Cruel Gestation Crates

Wendy’s made the announcement on March 22, 2012 that it will require its U.S. and Canadian pork suppliers to outline plans to phase…

Consumers Are Confused on What is Green and Who to Trust

Consumer confusion on what is green and who to trust was the major theme of the market researchers presenting at the Sustainable Brands…

Nominate A Pioneering, Successful, Green Restaurant!

“Does green really sell,” is the question I am most consistently asked. Amanda’s is one of my favorite answers to this question. It…