Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy, Inc. is a public utility company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, serving customers in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin. Primary services are electricity and natural gas.


Ecolab’s Minnesota Offices to Go 100 Percent Solar

Add another one to the list: Yesterday Fortune 500 company Ecolab announced that its Minnesota offices will be going completely solar. It's signed…
Xcel and Centerpoint Clean Energy Partnership

A Tale of Two Clean Energy Cities: Boulder and Minneapolis

Minneapolis reaches first-of-its-kind Clean Energy Partnership with its two franchised utilities, Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy.
NREL rates top ten voluntary green power programs

Top Ten Voluntary Green Power Programs

A new survey from NREL rates the Top Ten utilities for voluntary green power programs, offering several different ways to measure the best…
improved flow battery from DOE and Stanford

Want Renewable Energy? Just Go with the Flow

Stanford researchers are developing a new flow battery that could introduce more wind and solar power in the utility grid mix, enabling more…
Boulder demands more renewable energy from Xcel

Boulder Wants More Wind Power, and Wants It Now

The Boulder renewable energy plan could attract new businesses to the city by guaranteeing them access to more clean energy without the need…

Should Walmart Use Buyer Incentives to Help Green Its Supply Chain?

Walmart decided to add sustainability performance to its buyers’ performance evaluation to ensure they will take sustainability into account in their decision-making process,…

Xcel’s Colorado Community Solar Gardens Developer Initiative Sells Out in 30 Mins

Opening up its Solar Rewards Community program to project developers, Xcel subsidiary Public Service Co. of Colorado's first RFP for small-scale community solar…
wind turbine

Wind Power Production Record Set in Colorado

Xcel Energy achieved the record in the pre-dawn hours in April, when wind power accounted for 57% of electricity flowing through its transmission…
Liberty Paper will recover biogas from paper mill wastewater

Liberty Paper Unshackes a Gigantic Paper Mill from Fossil Fuels

Minnesota based Liberty Paper has made a big name for itself in paper recycling and other sustainability issues, and now it is about…

Top 5 Triple Bottom Line US Utilities

With the launch of a first-of-its-kind High Performance Sustainability Index for publicly listed US utilities, Target Rock Advisors has identified and ranked the…

Supreme Court Will Decide if States Can Sue to Curb Utilities’ Emissions

David Doniger, policy director in NRDC’s Climate Center (Originally published on NRDC’s Switchboard Blog. The Supreme Court will hear challenges by America’s biggest…