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Yahoo! Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates as a digital media company that delivers personalized digital content and experiences through various devices worldwide. The company has strategic alliances with Nokia and ABC News, Inc. Yahoo! Inc. was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

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Sea Level Rise: Who Should Take Responsibility in Silicon Valley?

Sea level rise is a global problem. In Silicon Valley, many businesses believe its a far away problem with distant answers. Bad news:…
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Kansas Wind to Power Yahoo’s Great Plains Operations

The Kansas wind farm is the latest demonstration of Yahoo's commitment to local community development, as well as reducing its carbon and environmental…
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Why the Google Bus Protests are a Corporate Sustainability Issue

Increasing rent prices in San Francisco caused by an explosion of Silicon Valley wealth are a material issue that needs to be addressed…
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Banning Telecommuting at Yahoo Was a Poor Management Decision

Marissa Mayer's decision to eliminate telecommuting at Yahoo for all employees is a poor one.

Rounding up the Yahoos: Why Marissa Mayer is Right

By Lawrence Axil Comras (for SFGate) (For an alternate perspective, read Andrea Newell’s response) I have now read several Facebook posts from people…

How Does Pregnancy Impact Mayer’s Job as Yahoo CEO?

When the news first broke about Google exec Marissa Mayer's appointment as Yahoo CEO, the conversation centered around her qualifications and skills, rather…
A Clean Energy Road Map for Apple

Greenpeace Upgrades Apple’s iCloud Ratings but Hammers It for Lack of Transparency

While Apple published a number of updates on its efforts to power its data centers using renewable energy as well as a clear…
Michael Owens and President Bill Clinton at SOS 2012

10 Green Lessons from the Sustainable Operations Summit

The Sustainable Operations Summit in New York, featured many interesting and smart people, from President Bill Clinton to Amory Lovins, talking about the…
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Ford, Yahoo! Join in a Reality Effort to Promote New EV

Ford and Yahoo will parter on a new reality show program, Plugged In, that will promote the launch of the automaker’s new Focus…
The Coop, Lockport, NY

Yahoo Scores a Coop with Green Data Center Opening

This week Yahoo opened its data center in Lockport, NY. Titled the Yahoo Computing Coop, or (YCC), the facility is similar in design…

The Emerging Sustainable Stock Market

So where does a stock investor look for value in a landscape dominated by the Federal Reserve, Peak Everything, Unsustainable Debt and Unaffordable…