Cecil the Lion and the Link Between Wildlife Conservation and Carbon Emissions

Hunting the king of the jungle is a lucrative business in many African countries, but social and environmental consequences are severe. The Kariba…

Flush Mob: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Launches Synchronized Toilet Flushing

Leaders in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, asked residents to participate in a “big flush” of their toilets concurrently at 7:30pm on Saturday evening.

Global Witness Says Kimberley Process Not Preventing Blood Diamonds

Human rights group Global Witness announced this week that it is removing support for the Kimberley Process, the international scheme established a decade…

Gone Daddy: An Elephant of a Problem

An open question: How much of a jerk does a CEO have to be in their personal life before customers and partners revolt…

Chido’s Blend: Fair Trade meets Ecological Efficiency

Govaro has effectively invented a closed-loop food system, which benefits humans, livestock and the environment equally.