What will 1.3 billion People Drive?

In a country where the demand for oil is outpacing rises in its price, China may become the next hub of the hybrid. With 200,000 alternative fuel vehicles currently in service, China is already among the world’s leaders in non-petrloeum powered vehicles. Combine a 76% rise in the Chinese auto market with an economy that … Continued

Starbucks Ditched by Pax SRI Fund

Pax World Funds dumped its 5th largest holding, Starbucks, after the latter refused to reconsider a venture with Jim Beam Whiskey. Holding onto their principals, Pax said Starbucks “forced their hand”. It will be interesting to see what, if any, effect the sale causes in Starbucks’ policy and share price. (Pax)

Sun Shines on African Solar Design

South Africa has launched its first ever sustainable solar community. The development was one of fifteen projects chosen for the Global Warming Conference in Kyoto, Japan to exemplify how nations can grow and prosper while minimizing emissions of greenhouse gases at no additional cost. With the Kyoto Protocol placing increased global attention on sustainability, sun … Continued

2005 Clean Energy Trends

Clean Edge dot com, a company that helps investors, industry, and society understand and profit from clean technology, has just released their 2005 report on clean energy trends. Download the report here.

Canadian Auto Makers to Reduce Emissions by 25%

Albeit with a twist of irony, Canada has succesfully struck a voluntary agreement with the “Big Three” U.S. auto manufacturers to reduce emissions by 25% from 1995 levels by the year 2010. The irony: This is essentially a carbon copy of the California emissions reduction law passed last year, which is now so mired by … Continued

Alternative Energy Market to exceed $100 Billion by 2014

According to a report released by Clean Edge, Inc., an energy research and publishing firm, the growth for solar power, wind power, and fuel cell markets combined will be from $16 billion in 2004 to over $100 billion by 2014. If this isn’t a HUGE business opportunity, I don’t know what is! Read about it.

Adataptive Big-Box Reuse

“Big Box” retailers, (like Wal-Mart) come with all sorts of positive conveniences and negative externalities. But when one closes down, leaving a vacant suburban hulk in its wake, it’s hard to see the benefits. Nonetheless, enterprising businesses & groups have been successfully re-using abandoned big box stores to the benefit of their local economy and … Continued

Here Comes the Green Goat

We mentioned the coming of hybrid railways a few days ago. But now, this venture has a name, and a lot more coverage. RailPower Technologies’ Green Goat is a hybrid locomotive designed for switching yards. The Green Goat reduces emissions considerably, and actually costs less than a standard diesel switcher – Canadian Pacific expects to … Continued

Valencia Running on its Own Veggie Oil

Valencia, Spain recently launched an entire fleet of busses which are running on a type of bio-diesel derived from oil collected at the city’s restaurants. The result – a waste product gets reused at no cost to businesses & the city saves money while improving self-sufficiency. (gracias Pablito)

Could Mandatory Mileage Displays Make a Difference?

Sustainability Zone has an interesting idea: What if auto-makers were required to install a visible mileage tracker on the dashboard of every car sold? Chances are, people would generally get more consious about their driving habits. It’s a potential example of a light-handed approach to encouraging change. (via Worldchanging)

Water Water Everywhere…

Water may become the new oil, as scarcity and pollution make a guaranteed clean supply harder to come by. In case you didn’t use Google this week, Tuesday was World Water Day, a UN sponsored event to recognize the challenges we’re facing to ensure ready access to clean water. Some excellent articles to broaden your … Continued

Ranchers, Greens on Same Ground Against Drilling

In a great example of finding common ground, traditionally conservative ranchers are joining forces with the Sierra Club and other environmental groups in opposition to drilling on western ranchland. Ranchers complain that sloppy drilling practices disturb and endanger their cattle, such as leaving pools of toxic antifreeze that cattle can drink. Environmentalists, meanwhile, say installing … Continued

Corporate Social Opportunity

From Greenbiz, George Carpenter of Proctor & Gamble talks about linking corporate responsibility with business opportunity. In particular, he talks about rethinking what products are sold in the developing world, rather than just trying “to sell them what was left over from the North.” (more)

WSJ: SUV Market Threatened by Rising Gas

The Big Three (or is it two now?) automakers have been deriving the majority of their profits from the SUV market. With rising gas prices the norm, the Wall Street Journal says these markets may soon dry up. (article requires subscription) Although many of us may smugly grin at this prospect, it’s a demonstration of … Continued

Goldman Sachs to Buy Wind Energy Firm

Zilkha Wind Energy of Houston is to be bought by Goldman Sachs in a move to strengthen its wind energy holdings. For you and me, that means more confidence in big investors that wind power is starting to pay off.