Paving the Amazon – Sustainability vs. Agri-Business

Brazil is scrambling to appear in control of the eco-conflict raging in the Amazon rainforest. After the assassination of 73-year-old environmentalist Dorothy Stang (an American and a nun), Brazil’s president has sought to make up, in weeks, for years of inertia on the Amazon issue.
But an overview of some of the leading newspaper commentators and environmental reporters in Brazil and Latin America reveals that green activists have little confidence that President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva will be able to save even patches of rainforest without renewed dedication and serious reform. Most worrisome to environmentalists is the fact that the interests of agribusiness seem to be trumping any hope of a sustainable future in the Amazon.

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  1. Amazonian Sustainability

    Also from TriplePundit, news of the political fall-out from Dorothy Stang’s murder, and Brazilian President Lula da Silva’s attempts to bring environmental issues to the fore. Environmentalists’ response: we’ll wait and see…

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