Suing the Climate Changers

A group called Climate Justice ( is coordinating legal action in seven countries to hold governments and corporations responsible for climate change impacts. Climate Justice believes that since people are already suffering from the impacts of climate change and will suffer much more in the future, they should be compensated. Click here to read more

One response

  1. Although I’m with these guys in principal, this method is potentially overkill in my opinion unless they can garner some very case-specific information. Either way it ought to be undertaken carefully for risk of a backlash. It’s unfortunate that lawsuits are felt to be necesarry, and to me that just underscores the communication gap that exists between the two “sides” to this argument.
    On another note the insurance industry – specifically the re-insurance groups such as SwissRe are very much aware of the possibility of lawsuits like this, as well as other anticipated costs of climate change and have begin advising clients that rates will be increased should certain changes not be made. I’ll post details on this later!

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