TerraPass: “Kyoto for Commuters”

Industrious MBA students at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School turned a professor’s challenge into a successful and innovative environmental service. The company, TerraPass, is helping individual drivers offset the carbon dioxide emissions of their vehicles by purchasing carbon credits through the Chicago Climate Exchange, dubbing it “Kyoto for Commuters.”
The new company was initially created as a project for a course on operations management taught by Professor Karl Ulrich in the MBA program at Wharton. “I gave the students a rough concept hoping to marry the theory with practice in real-world problem solving. The students turned this concept into an environmentally friendly business,” says Prof. Karl Ulrich.
The students, all MBA candidates with diverse backgrounds worked in teams to launch TerraPass in January 2005, less than 6 weeks from its start. The company has now attracted over 300 members and has offset more than 3.5 million pounds of CO2 for its customers. Way to go Wharton!

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