What will 1.3 billion People Drive?

lil_china_car.gifIn a country where the demand for oil is outpacing rises in its price, China may become the next hub of the hybrid. With 200,000 alternative fuel vehicles currently in service, China is already among the world’s leaders in non-petrloeum powered vehicles. Combine a 76% rise in the Chinese auto market with an economy that may one day allocate as much as 15% of its total GDP to pollution-based illness, and one must wonder how China can afford NOT to go hybrid.

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  1. Joey,
    So what will it take for average Americans to begin driving hybrids en masse? I just don’t understand the continuing desire to drive the antithesis, the large SUV. Even smaller SUVs don’t make much sense to me. Although I do hear that hybrid SUVs are appearing on the scene. Will this make the SUV environmentally palatable? My question is, why do you think Americans make their choice of vehicles the way they do, and what do you see as being an ideal trend for American car buyers both presently and in the near future? I drive a Toyota Corolla largely because of its affordability and performance, but I also felt that it was pretty fuel efficient for a non-hybrid. I’d like to get a hybrid next time I buy a new vehicle. Do you think hybrid affordabilty is an issue for prospective car buyers?

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