Dean Foods Donates $100,000 to Study Organics

Dean Foods has just announced a donation of $100,000 to the Organic Center for Education and Promotion, underscoring their efforts to look into healthier options. The grant goes to cover ‘reaserch’ into the benefits of organics, something that many are already convinced of, but which may strengthen the case for Dean to expand organic and … Continued

FSC-Certified Forest Market Exceeds $5 Billion

The Forest Stewardship Council, a respected organization that certifies forest holdings on their level of sustainable management, has completed a new market survey. The result: The global market for FSC-certified products is greater than $5 Billion, and fast growing demand is already ahead of supply. (From GreenBiz via WBCSD)

Eco Limo Service Promoting Green Rides in Style

We’ve mentioned before that fleets are some of the best places to introduce new technologies such as hybrids into a market. Another great way is to make new technology sexy. A new limosine service in Los Angeles is combining both ideas by offering rides in spiffy jet-black Priuses for regular people and celebs alike. Hope … Continued

On the Up and Up

Forgive us while we toot our own horn for a minute – Presidio World College, offering an innovative and accredited MBA program in Sustainable Management, will be receiving the 2005 Acterra Business Environmental Award for Environmental and Sustainability Education. The award will be given at Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto, CA. The Presidio MBA program … Continued

A Green Curtain May Rise Where Iron Once Stood

The Iron Curtain once scarred the heart of Europe with a hostile and empty no-man’s land 4,000 miles long. 15 years after its fall, the curtain’s former route remains a largely undeveloped swath of land that no one quite knows what to do with. Portions of the land have already been turned into National Parks, … Continued

Whichever Way the Wind Blows

The May 2005 MIT Technolgy Review reports that up to 25% of additional energy added to Europe’s grid may come from wind. A multitude of factors must be considered when evaluating how to maximize this energy output, and contradicting theories exist among industry leaders. For instance, some feel that harnessing as much power as possible … Continued

Philanthropic Foundations Investing in For-Profits?

The Google Foundation is considering backing for-profit ventures that have a positive social impact, adding to the list of those who believe that doing good is a good investment. Ben Cohen, formerly of Ben & Jerry’s, does the same thing with his Barred Rock venture capital fund, as does the conspicuously reticent Omidyar Network; read … Continued

International Voice Grows for CSR

Finding in depth articles on corporate social responsibility is always refreshing. What’s even better is realizing the variety of locations and sources these voices come from. Today’s English language Korea Herald has a lengthy article on stressing ethics is sustainable management. The article even sites a few things I didn’t know about, such as Sony’s … Continued

Reinventing the Wind

Although, alternative technology needs not incoporate breakthrough principles into its design, new wind turbines are proving that innovation can indeed revolutionize the past. Spanish researchers are designing windmills with efficiency far greater than any horizontal axis windmill of old. One of the key advantages of this design is that the blades are located in the … Continued

Watchdogs on Investment in the Developing World

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of encouraging investment in underdeveloped parts of the world, but the importance of making sure those investments really benefit the people and communities they serve cannot be underestimated. This Sydney Morning Herald article talks about some innovations that Hewlett Packard has made in India that allow small businesses … Continued

US Air Force Leads the Way in Renewable Energy

Although it might seem ironic to many environmentalists, the EPA’s latest list of leaders in renewable energy consumption is topped by none other than the United States Air Force. The USAF is using a whopping 321,416 MegaWatts of green power mostly on bases in the desert southwest. Although green energy is still a small percentage … Continued

Liabilities to Assets

An Engligh program called Changing Places, involving 500,000 volunteers and £57 million of investment, has been extended to complete its ambitious schemes. Already, some of Britain’s worst wastelands, derelict collieries, former chemical dumps, old quarries and industrial areas have been transformed into parks, wildlife areas, gardens and sports facilities. Rags to riches, one of the … Continued

A Realistic Perspective on Gas Prices

With gas prices skyrocketing, economic conversations often turn into furious complaint sessions pertaining to these rising costs. What is rarely considered is how ridiculously cheap gasoline actually is. Upon comparison to a relatively simple commodity such as Coca Cola whose supply is seemningly limitless, the tremendous impact government subsidies have on one of our most … Continued

Japanese Town Rolls out Free “Ecobus”

A town in Japan has rolled out a cooking-oil powered bus which provides transportation for residents, and gets rid of hard to dispose of waste, as reported in Japan for Sustainability. The “Inaba EcoLimo Waiwai Go-Go” is free to residents who bring in used cooking oil for recycling.

The Eye of Biomimicry

If you havn’t read Biomimicry, I highly recommend picking it up. Either way, this moth-eye based innovation by a company called Autotype is a fine example of learning from nature. The material, known as Autoflex MARAG, is based on the nanostructures found in the eyes of night flying moths. It’s a natural light absorber that … Continued